NASA Selling Deadly Nano-bots

Nerds with dreams of becoming a James Bond villain one day rejoice; NASA is selling its Nano-bot swarm technology to the highest bidder.  Not only does the patent up for auction detail how to control the infectious-possible monsters, it also has a design on how they can destruct inside the victim that they are implanted in.  Imagine, if you would, a world where everyone is afraid of nay-saying your wise rule for fear of the microscopic explosions waiting to go off at any minute inside of their lungs/heart.  It is almost like NASA read what I wanted for Christmas and made it public for the world to fear.

There are other patents up for sale as well, but all of them seem to be more of a cover for the evil that I am about to spread across the world.  A smoke detector that can test itself to make sure it is working? The most efficient way to manage data?  Thanks NASA, not only did you give me a great way to make sure that I take over the world, you made the most boring ever business model to divert government officials when they come to investigate.  No Mr. Bond, I don’t expect you to investigate our data management/smoke detector plants.  I expect you to die!

Source: Wired

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