Man Shoots Bird—Hits Woman Instead

The more that I think about this story the more I don’t really know what side to take, sadly I think the judge felt about the same:

A man walked into his backyard to shoot a bird that had been harassing his cat, even though that normally happens the other way, takes aim and fires.  Moments later he starts to hear a woman, “moaning in pain,” from where the bird was; turns out that the bird was a woman’s head and her insane hair.  Stay with me before you start to ask questions, because it gets better.

The man was barred from owning a gun because of previous “issues,” because, you know, in Colorado that is kind of the worst thing that they can do to you to make you “think about what you did.”  But it turns out that the woman that was shot was intoxicated at the time, and there was also a bag of meth right next to her, she later fled the state.  All charges, besides having a gun when he wasn’t supposed to, have been dropped.

I think Lewis Black had a story about being in an IHOP and having someone say, “If it wasn’t for my horse I wouldn’t have spent that year in college” and how it drove him insane.  This is a story about a punk, whose hair has been harassing a cat and gets shot, the shooter is basically told not to do it again.  What?!?


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