Thanks to Social Media Stalking has Never Been Easier

Thank you I-Free, before I used to never be able to know exactly where people might be around me, you have officially allowed me to follow complete strangers without any effort at all.  The new app, “The Girls Around Me,” takes all of the check-ins in the local area around the user, dumps the men from that list, and then shows everyone who has recently notified the world where they are.  So if you are ever wandering around and wondering if there are some women out there that are just probably unattended, there is an app for that.

Short story:  I, like everyone who recently bought an iPhone, at one point used FourSquare all the time.  I would check in at every single place that I went, like it just needed me to be the mayor for some reason.  At one point I went to dinner with my wife and her family, and noticed that the mayor was the waitress that we had.  Being aware that it would be creepy to say anything to her, I did not.  My wife, on the other hand, spoke up at once and told her that we knew she was the mayor.  I have never seen anyone look more creeped out.  Our drinks were never refilled.

My point is this, what did you think was going to happen when you made the world aware of every single place that you went?  If you don’t want every single person in the world to know, stop telling them.


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