Man Kills Baby, Unrelated to Video Games

A man worked, supposedly, a full shift at Sam’s Club after which he returned home and played a marathon gaming session.  He was awoken later when his infant started crying; instead of trying to quite the small person he shook the baby to death.  He supposedly went to sleep, awoke early and went into work as if nothing had happened.  The mother found the baby not responding and bleeding from the noise, it was pronounced dead on arrival at the local hospital.

This is a textbook case of bad parenting, one that in no way was impacted by the fact that the father of the child was playing video games.  The way that it is reported, in the Huffington Post, doesn’t even begin to imply that the games had anything to do with it—but you would never know that from the way that the headline read.  The news blurb was hard enough to read without being lead into it that a child had been struck down through hate for it simply being.  Having a newborn child is not an easy thing, by any means, and the two parents where young (the father was just 20 years old) and it can be understood that he was under some level of stress from life—but millions of people go through parenting a year and manage to not kill their spawn.

Source: Huffington Post

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