California Makes GameStop Warn Customers about DLC on Used Game

GameStop has recently lost a class-action lawsuit in the state of California for not warning gamers about “free” DLC on used games no longer being “free.”  Not every gamer knows that DLC included with games normally comes in the form of a redemption code with a new copy of the game, so when someone buys a used copy, the DLC advertised on the label has been used up by the previous owner.  Part of the lawsuit GameStop lost requires them to put up signs in stores and online to warn used game shoppers that this DLC won’t be included.  They only have to do this in the state of California, and they only have to do it for the 2 years.

This is a great victory for consumers of used games; especially for those who non-gamers out there that aren’t in the know about this stuff when they purchase these games as a gift for others.  This is also a great victory for gamers in general, because anyone that plays video games has probably been irritated by a GameStop store at one point.  Now if only someone would sue them for those crappy trade-in prices…


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