Penny-Arcade Asks Cosplayer to Stop Being So Hot

Don’t you hate it when you are hanging out with an attractive woman, who just happens to be dressed like someone from a video game/anime—making her ten times more attractive, and she is quickly asked to leave the convention floor?  While this might not ever happen to any of us, it did to Jessica Nigri – just sans the understanding nerd who is going to take her home later.  All joking aside, PAX was totally in the right to ask her to leave, writing this article is hard enough with her pictures up—I can’t imagine what it would have done to sweaty nerds in Boston.

Listens of the pod will know my story about booth babes, and in all honesty I think that it is best that they are removed from conventions.  I may not have anything against hot women wearing clothing that makes me want to be around them more; it is just that I don’t really feel like a video game trade show is the time or the place to create massive lines just to have a picture taken and generate interest in something that just isn’t the game it was designed to promote.  Also, the guys at Penny-Arcade really are trying to make the entire show something that you can take your children to, and this is something that may make that weird for some parents—and I don’t really want to be around the ones that it isn’t weird for.

Link: Kotaku

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