Plasma Pistol Kills Germs, Doesn’t Burn Flesh

When you say plasma, I think super-heated gas—or the fourth state of matter.  Well researchers at China’s Huazhong University of Science and Technology would like you to start thinking about skin care, because sure.  It turns out that bacteria has a very adverse reaction to plasma and kind of just dies when exposed to it, even at room temperate, so the use of a “beam” is a great way to sanitize objects that might otherwise have become resistant to the normal means.  The beam itself seems to be able to sink through 17 layers of flesh, which is 14 more than I thought we had, to kill the microbes.  The best part is that it apparently has no ill-effects on the person it is being used on because it isn’t superhot—even though I thought that was the point of plasma, that is good too.

While this is interesting and everything, I am glad that we are expanding our plasma knowledge—I would really like a light saber before I die.  Even though I think that we should all feel warm and wonderful inside that this is something that will make humanity a better place and everything, it was already designed to kind of look like a flashlight… so you have a sword hilt angle covered right there.  We just need this to be, and for some reason able to repel other plasma for some reason.

Source: The Register

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