Pilot Skillfully Avoids Crashing Into Venus, Almost Hits another Plane

An Air Canada co-Pilot was taking a nap in the cock-pit of a plane back in January, when suddenly some of the radio chatter awoke the sleepy little guy.  Through his delirium he heard that there was another plane approaching, when he looked out the window he saw an amazing bright object and reacted like some kind of cartoon panther.  Dropping the plane several hundred feet in about a second, exerting enough force to throw any passenger that was not wearing a seat-belt out of their seat and against the ceiling of the craft, if not for the Pilot of the plane—the one who was awake the entire time—managing to stop the decent they would have hit the oncoming plane.

The object that the man saw out of the window was the planet Venus.  The oncoming plane was a military transport roughly 1,000 feet below.  The dive not only almost caused the two planes to crash, but also managed to injure 14 passengers and 2 flight attendants.  While this might be some kind of weird and tragic story the entire time I just keep thinking about the scene from Airplane when all of the passengers go flying around and can’t help but laugh.  That said, there might be something wrong with me.

Source: ABC News

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