Epic Troll Convinces MW3 Player to Argue With Recording of Himself

Most players on Xbox live know by now that sometimes the in game chat is… less than friendly.  It usually doesn’t take long for the game chat to become filled with vile, foul-mouthed tirades that are both shocking and annoying.  One gamer has decide to have fun and get some revenge- and was even nice enough to post a video of his triumph on YouTube.

MW3 gamer “Darkness056” records the ranting of a clearly enraged player, and in the following round, plays back a recording of the players own banter.  Things get good when this crazed gamer begins to argue with the recording of his own voice without realizing it.  Check out the video below for some great laughs, but be warned, the language is offensive and NSFW.

Souce:  Kotaku.com

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