Nerf Gun Enthusiast Stalked By Hasbro’s Lawyers

Martyn Yang runs a blog about his love for Nerf guns, called “Urban Taggers”.  One day, Yang received an email from the Hasbro Company, offering him some free Nerf goodies to talk about on his blog.  It turns out that this was nothing more than a ploy to get Yang’s mailing address.  A few days later, Yang receives a letter from Hasbro’s lawyers, The Baker and McKenzie firm.

The letter demands that Yang takes down information about an unreleased Nerf toy, as well as information about the source of the information.  Yang takes down the pictures, but refuses to give up his source to the lawyers.  Things get creepy when the lawyers send a group of people to lurk around Yang’s apartment, waiting for him to return and demanding a recorded conversation with him.  This mess does not bode well for Hasbro, as there is now a FaceBook group demanding a boycott of the company.


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