Upcoming Nvidia Video Card Will Deliver Awesome Graphics, Destroy Wallets

Coming in May, Nvidia will be releasing its monster of a video card, the GTX 690.  This dual-GPU powerhouse is basically 2 GTX 680 cards combined into one, and it is expected to perform almost as well as two GTX 680’s connected with SLI.  The catch?  Hold on to your wallets, gamers—this bad boy will cost about $1000.

That’s right—you can build an entirely new gaming computer for less than the cost of this video card.  While most of us won’t ever be able to justify blowing that much cash on one part of a PC build, someone out there will build a rig that uses 2 or more of these things.  I would like to take this opportunity to mention that if you are one of those insanely wealthy PC builders, I would like to be your friend so I can go over to your house and play games.

Source:  Hothardware.com

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