Robots Can Now Use Tools

In a step that will surely be looked at as one of the worst ideas in history, a group of scientists have decided to teach robots how to start using tools.  Granted, the machines still have to be programmed with the information on how to use the tools and what they do, but they are starting to teach these monsters problem solving skills.  The best part of the story is this, not only are the robots being taught how to use tools—in this instance a cup—they are also being taught how to assemble and dissemble the product into/from its parts.  I am sure this will help in the future when they decide that they want to dissemble a human to its base parts.

My theory on this, at the moment, is kind of like how you approach giving a monkey a tool.  Sure, we all know that a monkey with a gun/knife is probably going to turn into something that needs to be explained to the police—the question is the rest of the tools.  Hammers might seem wise until you think about what they could do with that, mainly since it is a better club then they normally use, and then everything starts to unravel.  A tool is only as dangerous as how bad of an own you were to the monkey, and considering the internet I am sure that most of us are better off not giving anything—monkey or robot—any additional means to kill us.

Source: MSNBC

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