Comcast’s Xfinity Service Conveniently Has No Bandwidth Cap

Comcast’s new Xbox 360 app, Xfinity TV, has raised some questions about their practice of managing network traffic.  Usage of this service does not count towards a customer’s broadband cap, and the service is provided from a separate “lane” of broadband on the Comcast network.  The way Comcast is managing network traffic has caused some critics to question if what they are doing is a violation of FCC regulations.

FCC regulations prohibit an ISP from “prioritizing” certain kinds of traffic over others on a public network.   Comcast claims the Xfinity service uses a “separate but equal” lane of traffic.  Even if this is true, it still seems unfair that customers using other video on demand services such as Netflix or Hulu will gobble up their bandwidth caps, while users of Xfinity TV get a free pass.

Source:  Ars Technica

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