New York Lawmakers Propose Bill to Ban Anonymous Online Comments

New York state legislators have proposed a law that would require news websites and blogs to remove any anonymous comments, unless the person posting a comment chooses to attach his or her name.  The intention of this law is stop so-called cyber bullying and “baseless political attacks.”  The only problem with this law is that it conflicts with that silly little “1st Amendment of the US Constitution” thing that we have in America.

The bill is sponsored by Senator Thomas O’Mara and Assemblyman Jim Conte, both republicans.  So when they say “baseless political attacks”, do these lawmakers really mean “viewpoints from some OTHER political party?”  While this bill could pose a major threat to how speech is conducted online, it is highly unlikely it would ever pass; and even if it did, the courts would rip it apart.  Too bad New York’s worst trolls and bullies aren’t online, they are in the legislature!

Source:  Ars Technica

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