Weekly Anime Round-Up: June 11th-June 17th

This week is yet another short one, with two shows taking a one week hiatus. Both Sankarea and Natsuiro Kiseki did not air this week; however I have added a new show to the round up. I have caught up with an amazing show called Space Brothers, and I will give a quick summary of what the show is about before discussing this week’s episode.

Accel World:  Episode 10

After taking last week off, Haru and company are back for more reality-bending game time. The Red King joins the group as they travel to the “true” game world of Brain Burst to hunt down the Chrome Disaster. There will be cliffhanger ending this week, which makes me happy they waited to air this after taking a break.

AKB0048:  Episode 7

With some of the current AKB successors attending a special ceremony, a few of the girls are chosen to stand in for them at an upcoming concert, causing some jealousy among the girls that didn’t make the grade. Things become even more complicated when Chieri’s family secret is revealed. As the drama unfolds, some of the girls sneak off to investigate a “forbidden area” under the training compound…

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San:  Episode 10

While Mahiro and Nyaruko are waiting for the soul-swapping beam to recharge in order to return to their bodies, a new threat arrives on Earth. This episode takes a huge jab at Tokyo Governor Ishihara’s infamous anime/manga regulation laws, as Earth is attacked by an alien with similar political views. Can Mahiro and his crew of adorable abominations save mankind from extreme right-wing space politics?  Check out this week’s episode and find out!

Space Brothers:  Episodes 1-11

This is yet another interesting show I wanted to pick up earlier in the season, but with so many great shows running, I glanced over this.  Fortunately, I found the time to get up to speed on this show and I am going to add it to the weekly roundup. Space Brothers is about two brothers, Mutta and Habito Nanba, who see a UFO as children and become interested in becoming astronauts. Habito grows up and actually becomes an astronaut, training for a mission on the moon, while his older brother, Mutta, designs cars for an auto manufacturer.

When Mutta loses his job, his parents enroll him in JAXA’s (Japan’s version of NASA) astronaut entry exams. This show could best be described as a “slice of life” anime about aspiring astronauts. This show takes place in the not too distant future and is grounded in reality. Many of the locations and technologies that appear in the show are based on their real-world counterparts. It would seem the aim of this series is to spark interest in space programs around the world and show how much effort is put into selecting and training astronauts.

In this week’s episode, Mutta finally arrives at the top secret JAXA facility where the final entrance exam is taking place. All of the candidates are shown a video of a recent spacecraft accident and then they are given one last chance to back out of the final exam. With the paperwork completed, the candidates are placed into three groups and then sealed into a small living space, where they will stay for two weeks for the final tests…

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