Weekly Anime Round-Up: June 18th- June 24th

This week things are finally back in full swing now that all of the shows have returned from break. This also draws this season closer to the end, as two shows will air their final episodes next week. Their weekly round-up will be short over the next few weeks as the transition to the next season begins, but Accel World and Space Brothers will still be airing. Speaking of Accel World…

Accel World:  Episode 11

Fans of Accel World are in for a huge treat this week, as this has been the best episode of the show so far. Yellow Radio may have trapped Haru and company, but he will soon find out that a group with two other Legion masters is not such an easy catch. Brain Burst combat turns into all-out warfare in the most exciting and action packed episode of the season.

AKB0048:  Episode 8

The time has finally come for the girls to travel to the planet where their first big concert is being held, on a world where combat with the DES is certain. This time the DES is pretty serious about stomping out the fun before it even begins, and they attack the Idol’s starship as they are traveling to the planet where the concert will take place. Get ready to see a mecha battle that some fans claim was better than the fights in Macross Frontier. If you’re having fun watching this show, don’t worry – I won’t turn you in.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San:  Episode 11

This week Mahiro finds a lost little girl on his doorstep, which happens to be yet another abomination taking the form of a cute girl. Nyaruko’s motherly instinct kicks in as she makes sure to provide what every growing girl needs – a hentai video game. As usual, there are plenty of laughs to be had in this week’s episode, and I’m already feeling sad that next week will be the final episode.

Natsuiro Kiseki:  Episode 11
(A Summer-Colored Miracle)

With the end of summer vacation drawing near (as well as Saki’s big move), the girls head back to Tokyo for an idol audition. Unfortunately, Yuka begins to cave into the pressure of the situation just as the girls find out that passing this audition may be the only way for Saki to stay with her friends. Check out this week’s episode to find out if the girls make the grade…

Sankarea:  Episode 11

The time of the big showdown has finally arrived. As Chihiro is forced to face off with Dan’ichiro, Rea barges into the mansion to save him.  This week features yet another disturbing room within the Sanka manor – the cosplay dungeon…

Space Brothers:  Episode 12

All three teams are sealed away in the isolation chambers and are given the task of trying to figure out what time it is after travelling on a bus with no windows and walking around a dark, top secret training facility. Mutta puts his “luck” to use yet again to ace the test, making up an elaborate story about seeing the bus odometer, when in reality he saw a clock on the bus dashboard on his way out. Since each of the three groups are charged with the task of selecting two people from their group to become astronauts at the end of testing, they each begin to discuss how they are going to go about making the choice…

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