Weekly Anime Round-Up: July 22nd – July 28th

This week there are some more changes to the round-up.  AKB0048’s final episode aired this week, concluding the season.  In addition, I dropped two shows this week.  Arcana Famiglia got dropped because the molasses-like pacing proved to be a disappointment after the promising first episode.  Space Brothers is the second victim to be dropped off the watch list.  After chugging through several episodes of isolation chamber antics, I gave up on my will to power through the rest of that awful story arc.  In other news, the Summer Olympics will be causing delays for two shows that air on Japan’s TBS.  After this week, Koichoco and Kono Naki ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru won’t be airing again until the 16th of august, a real bummer since both shows are getting very interesting.

Accel World:  Episode 16

Haru meets up with the only Brain Burst player that has ever come close to achieving flight, in hopes that he can get his wings back.  He soon learns that he may never get his wings back, but instead he receives training for a technique could allow him to fly again through sheer will.  Unfortunately for Haru, the first step is getting tossed off from the top of the giant spire where his teacher resides…

AKB0048:  Episode 13 END

The girls decide that giving the planet of Lancastar hope is worth more than their lives, so they decide to return to the surface and face the DES in order to give a proper concert.  This episode packs in more of that delicious combination of idol singing and combat that made this show so entertaining, as the girls give their all for the people of Lancastar.  Fans who are hoping for even more idol vs. space marine goodness will be delighted to see that another season has been announced for 2013!

Dog Days Season 2:  Episode 3

This week Shinku visits Yukkii to attend a training camp.  Naturally, this turns into swimsuit time with lots of fan service and ecchi fun.   Oh yeah, I guess they learn some new magic techniques too…

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate:  Episode 4
(Love, Election, and Chocolate)

As everyone gears up for the election, Yuuki sees the hardships faced by a financial-aid student who works at a school “factory” and performs maintenance duties to earn her keep at the academy.  It becomes very apparent that the creators of this anime are not a fan of conservative politics.  The political messages are so anti-conservative, Rush Limbaugh would label this show as “liberal brainwashing” if he ever saw this episode.  Get ready to rage against the 1% on this week’s episode of Koichoco.  The Olympics will be causing some delays for this show, so it won’t be around for a bit.

Kono Naki ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru!:  Episode 4
(One of Them is my Little Sister!)

Shougo gets some information from “Mister X” that leads him to find out the identity of the girl harassing him over the phone and claiming to be his sister.  The good news is he finds out enough information to discover that Miyabi and Konoe cannot be his sister, but the bad news is there is a still a possibility that his sister could still be among the other girls at the school.  This doesn’t mean Shougo is off the hook with Konoe and Miyabi- now they are trying harder than ever to compete for him.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, Season 2:  Episode 3
(Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)

This week the gang tries to gain an advantage over England through a trade negotiation for food.  As mundane as this sounds, this is yet another one of Horizon’s strange battles of wits and fantasy politics.  This episode is full of laughs and strange antics that only this show can bring.

Oda Nabuna no Yabou:  Episode 3
(The Ambition of Oda Nabuna)

Sagara soon begins to discover that his knowledge from the game he played isn’t very effective when he tries to alter events from the game and encounters new situations.  Things seem desperate when Sagara finds himself rafting down a river under a hail of flaming arrows, but some help from the ever loyal Goemon brings a hilarious moment when she is upgraded to “bro” status.  Get ready for more cute historical characters doing warlord things this week!

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 4

As Yuuya struggles with learning to pilot a Japanese-made TSF, he finds himself berated by his commanding officer.  Things get worse when a chance encounter with Inia lands him in hot water with Soviet troops.  Oh and there is some nice Soviet fanservice to wrap things up this week…

Sword Art Online:  Episode 4

When a younger player of the Beast Tamer class finds herself betrayed by her party members, she attempts to clear a dungeon by herself, resulting in the loss of her precious pet, Pina.  Kirito comes to her rescue and promises to help her fight through a dungeon to find an item to revive her pet.  Unfortunately, someone is watching them…

Yuru Yuri Season 2:  Episode 4

This week’s episode kicks off with yet another hilarious intro with Akari, and things only get better from there.  Get ready for power struggles over pudding and ice cream.  Another highlight from this week’s hijinks is the story of explosion-happy Nana’s past.  Remember folks, don’t stick random things into electrical outlets, no matter how much you love explosions.

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