Weekly Anime Round-Up: October 15th – October 21st

This week’s round up is late thanks to stupid real life shitting up my anime time with that “work” thing, along with me getting my grubby mitts on a copy of Mugen Souls.  In other anime related news, it was announced that A Certain Scientific Railgun will be getting a second season, much to my delight.  Anyway, here is this week’s round up of shows.  Enjoy!

Busou Shinki:  Episode 3

A rash of Shinki thefts gets the girl’s master in trouble with the law, and it’s up to the Shinki’s to find the real thief and clear his name.  This episode kicks things up a notch with lots of action, and even more fan service.  By the end of this episode you will know why this show is known as the “guilty pleasure” of the season.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!:  Episode 3
(Despite My Adolescent Delusions, I Want To Date!)

Rikka has decided to form a club in order to find people who can help her achieve her ultimate goal of… whatever it is she is trying to do.  While it would seem no one in their right mind would sign up, it seems there are a couple students just insane enough to hop on Rikka’s crazy train, including one of her own disciples.  This episode also features another amazingly animated delusional “fight” sequence, putting the renowned Kyoto Animation’s work to the test.

Girls und Panzer:  Episode 2

The girls are assigned the task of tracking down abandoned tanks in order to refurbish them.  While the girls have seemingly already mastered the art of mechanics and tank repair/restoration in less than a day, they will also have to somehow figure out how to drive them too.  Any time your head begins to hurt from thinking about the mess of unrealism in this show, keep in mind you are watching a show about cute girls driving tanks… for school.

Little Busters!  Episode: 3

The Little Busters continue to track down new members for the team, even though they are pretty much just screwing around.  Luckily (and for some, very unluckily) yet another person steps forward to join the Busters.  And it seems she may even be able to play baseball!

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 15

Now that everyone has survived the craziness of the Soviet Union and the XFJ TSF project is moving along, a new mission has been handed down to the test pilots.  It seems the higher up’s think the best way to collect test data on new TSF’s is by having them fight each other.  Now the team must prepare for a TSF tournament, and pilots from around the world are already getting fired up…

Psycho Pass:  Episode 2

This week focuses on more world building and further explanation of the Sybil system and latent criminals.  There is a really cool scene in the beginning that shows off modern household technology, making what would be a fairly bland scene really interesting.  There is tons of potential in this show to be something great, and I’m looking forward to more.

Robotics Notes:  Episode 2

With the Robotics Club in danger of being disbanded, Akiho must try and rebuild an old robot her sister once used to win the Robotics One competition and secure funding for the club.  This involves pleading with an old, crazy, rock and roll-obsessed robot parts dealer that lives just outside of town.   Now if Akiho could only convince Kaito to actually do something for the club…

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 4
(From The New World)

It turns out the “evil creature” everyone has been taught to kill on sight is actually a keeper of historical records.  The students soon discover the truth behind the fall of civilization and the rise of the new world.  Naturally, the children are practically branded as criminals for “knowing too much.”  Things go from bad to worse from here on out…

Sword Art Online:  Episode 16

Kirito has discovered a girl that resembles Asuna has been found hidden away in the world of the latest online game.  It also turns out that this game is run by the same company that bought the SAO servers and is owned by Asuna’s future “husband”.  With little time to spare before the Asuna is wed to the maniac that looms over her comatose body, Kirito must master this new game and free Asuna from the game world.  Luckily, it would seem that Kirito can bring along a few things from SAO…

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 3
(Blast of Tempest/ AKA The Civilization Blaster)

Despite all warnings, Mahiro is determined to defeat the spear-wielding mage that has been hunting him down.  Mahiro’s enemy is none other than a “true” mage, someone who can use magic without relying on talismans that break down with repeated usage.  The spectacular battle between these two is pretty much the highlight of this episode, and it will have your eyes glued to the screen the entire time.

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