Weekly Anime Round-Up: October 29th – November 4th

Fans of Little Busters have some good news this week:  it seems the team behind the show has promised to deliver more animated content beyond the originally planned 26 episodes.  The objective is to have the routes for each girl from the original VN animated, so no fan is left out.  Fans should be on the lookout for the upcoming episode of the Spoony Bard podcast, which will be all about anime!  Be sure to tune in as Gillman and I talk about the shows I forced him to watch so he can develop a respectable power-level.  Also, I should be getting my hands on a devilishly-ecchi import game for PS3 from Japan this week, so be on the lookout for an upcoming article about my import adventure as well.

Busou Shinki:  Episode 5

This episode starts off with the obligatory swimsuit showcase, as the shinki’s prepare for the big trip to Okinawa.  Unfortunately, the shinki’s are mistakenly left behind for the trip.  Not willing to leave their master crying on the beach in a sad state of solitude, the shinki’s set out on a sexy action-figure version of The Incredible Journey.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!:  Episode 5
(Despite My Adolescent Delusions, I Want To Date!)

Rikka has a terrible problem, completely unrelated to her outrageous behavior: she sucks at math.  To make matters worse, her teacher has threatened to disband the hobby club if she can’t beat the class average on the next exam.  The end of this episode was really cute; I’m going to leave it at that.

Girls und Panzer:  Episode 4

As the “tankwondo” battle between a rival school rages on, the girls have a great idea: use the local town as a battleground.  With a complete disregard for human life and collateral damage, the girls have brought a stampede of tanks through the city, and strangely enough the locals are delighted.  As silly as all this is, the tank battle was actually quite exciting to watch.

Little Busters!  Episode: 5

Remember when I said most Key productions tend to start off with comedy, only to bring on the sadness?  Yeah, it’s that time.  Prepare to watch the adorable Komari completely fucking lose it when she decides to explore her past, during a date, of all times.   Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone if you cry by the end of this episode.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 17

Not willing to sit back and let the Soviets have the spotlight in this tournament, America has brought out their advanced stealth Raptor TSF’s piloted by an elite squadron known as the Infinites.  Among the members of the Infinites is an old rival of Yuuya, and he must watch as they decimate the competition until he gets his turn at a fight.  In the meantime, Yuuya will have to settle his differences at the bar, like a true gentleman…

Psycho Pass:  Episode 4

This time the enforcers find themselves up against some tech-savvy criminals that lurk virtual chat rooms and have learned to get around the ever-watchful eyes of the Sibyl system.  It seems the internet of the future has become an even stranger place, where people gather together in a surreal realm full of even stranger avatars.  The hunt for internet-dwelling murderers gets even crazier when the enforcers set up a real life meet up for a sting operation.

Robotics Notes:  Episode 4

When someone in Japan has run out of options to find funding for a giant robot, there is only one place to turn- JAXA.  As Akiho pleads for funds and resources from a space agency and new girl has moved into town, none other than the creator of the famed Kill-Ballad video game and the Gunvarrel anime.  This episode also sheds some light on a mysterious phenomenon that has enveloped some members of the robotics club.

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 6
(From The New World)

It’s time to become bewildered and confused again, because it’s Shinsekai Yori time!  This episode brings out the head scratching right out of the gate, with a confusing sequence of events that allows one of the students to use his abilities again.  There is a surprising amount of action and suspense in this episode as the children decide to bring the fight to these monsters in hopes of getting home alive.

Sword Art Online:  Episode 18

This week in SAO:  fan-service.  This week’s episode features Kirito’s sister in various states of dress and undress, and not so much about online adventuring.  There is a bit of world building about the new game world Kirito is travelling, but not much else.  This episode is somewhat disappointing, but all guilty-pleasure for all the wrong reasons.  Enjoy!

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 5
(Blast of Tempest/ AKA The Civilization Blaster)

Yoshino and Mahiro have set out to find a talisman that can hopefully end all this madness.  Eventually, a trip to an Aquarium full of sea creatures turned into hunks of metal becomes an intense battle for survival.  With their magic powers limited by the talismans they use, Yoshino and Mahiro will have to use their wits to escape their pursuers.

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