Weekly Anime Round-Up: January 28th – February 3rd

Another cold winter week has gone by, but the anime is still hot and ready!  Slower shows from last season such as Shinsekai Yori and Robotics;Notes have been getting really good lately, and almost everything else this season has either met or exceeded my expectations so far.  As a bonus for this week’s round-up, I have coverage of the 2nd BD volume of TLR: Darkness!

AKB0048:  Episode 18
Fun will rise again!

With the elections over, a new attack concert has been arranged, featuring the top 10 girls from the elections.  In the meantime, the rest of the girls are sent on an undercover mission to gather intel from a DES space station.  Within the station the girls find out the DES’s dirty little secrets.  Also, enjoy more idol combat.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT:  Episode 4
(I Don’t Have Many Friends)  AKA: Haganai

When Sena gets a ticket for six for the local amusement park, she naturally uses this as an opportunity for some “quality time” with Kobato.  Her plan is quickly thwarted when the rest of the neighbor’s club decides to tag along.  Rika’s ramblings during the roller coaster scene were one of the most hilarious moments in all of anime.  Be sure to check out this week’s episode if you really need a good laugh.

Little Busters!:  Episode17
We Little Busters.  We ride together, we die together.

Haruka finally reveals her sad past, and I learned an interesting fact about sluts and twins.  The Little Busters are never willing to let down one of their own, so they have decided to help Haruka confront her ex-con father.  With the Little Busters protecting Haruka, just how far is Kanata willing to go to ruin her sister’s life?

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru:  Episode 5
(My Girlfriend and my Childhood Friend Fight Too Much) AKA: Oreshura
The new face of evil.

Just as it seems Eita’s life couldn’t become any more hectic, he discovers a love letter in his locker.  While Eita tries to figure out who the third love interest could possibly be, Masuzu’s little sister suddenly shows up to add to the chaos.  On an additional note, the constant references to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure have nearly convinced me to pick up the new series.

Psycho Pass:  Episode 15
The coolest-looking building in the city probably wasn’t the best hiding spot for a super-secret, really important computer.

Criminals wearing helmets that fool the Sibyl system have been rampaging through the city, leaving the citizens to defend themselves at the risk of clouding their own psycho-passes.  Falsified rumors and misleading information plastered all over the internet have added to the problem, and now the entire city has fallen into a riot.  Now the Bureau and its enforcers must face a city full of criminals that are immune to their most powerful weapons, as Makishima finally makes his move against the Sybil system itself.

Robotics;Notes:  Episode 15
For better or worse, Frau is back to her normal self.

With the robot riot finally quelled, it much of the network and most of the computers in Japan are damaged by the solar flare.  When Frau learns that the “normalfags” are going to reset most of Japan’s servers on Christmas Eve, she warns Kaito that this could possibly delete the AI Airi from the network.  Since Airi is the only key to finding the secret reports, Kaito rushes to finish the requirements needed to unlock them, while at the same time learning the secrets behind Airi.

Senran Kagura: Episode 5
How did that happen?

The “dark” ninjas have decided it’s time to go on the offensive, and have infiltrated Hanzou academy.  If you came into this show hoping to see a brawl between sexy ninja girls, this is the episode you have been waiting for.  There will be punching, kicking, bouncing, and lots of shredded clothing to go around this week.  Enjoy!

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 18
(From the New World)
Fucking queerats.  Every time…

The village council has begun to suspect Yakomaru of deceiving the council about the colony war, and even worse, he may have had human help.  Now the queerats have decided to take revenge on their human masters, and have begun to attack the village.  Is Yakomaru acting alone, or does he have help from former members of the village?

To Love Ru: Darkness: Episodes 3&4 (BD Version)
Do you think this is a motherfucking game?

As Momo proceeds with her plan to get Rito laid by every decent looking girl he comes across, trouble comes to Earth.  Another assassin has come looking for revenge on Golden Darkness, and will stop at nothing to redeem herself.  Episode 4 had a surprisingly decent fight scene for an ecchi show, and there is plenty of “convenient” shredding of clothes to go with it.  Be warned, much like the last volume, this show is as ecchi as it gets without crossing the border into hentai, and even then I could say there is more nudity packed into each episode than some hentai I have seen.

Vividred Operation:  Episode 4
And now we have the sentai thing going on for us.

This week the girls gain a new ally, a hacker/NEET that is obsessed with the manifestation engine.  This episode follows the formula from last week of introducing the next member of the team, having her fight, and having her “dock”.  This week’s outing was predictable but fun, and it looks like next week’s episode is going to be awesome.

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 16
AKA: The Civilization Blaster
Old women are perverts.

This week’s episode was not very noteworthy, as this episode just seems to be reiterating the events and themes of the last episode.  Aside from a flashy government-staged display of the mage of exodus’s power, the rest of the episode consists of everyone going over the same thoughts and feelings as they have been for the past couple episodes.  This is the only show that seems to be struggling with its pacing so late in the series, but I imagine things will heat up again soon enough.

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