Weekly Anime Round-Up: February 11th – February 17th

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but if you spent it alone, superior 2D girls have come out in full force to turn any frown upside down!  Haganai, Senran Kagura, and Vividred delivered some jaw-dropping levels of fanservice this week, so be sure to keep an AED handy, you may just have a heart attack.  Also, be warned, in order to proceed with discussion for some shows, there may be some spoilers ahead for those that haven’t been keeping up.

AKB0048:  Episode 20
As expected, best girl is the first to reach succession out of the group.

Mimori’s sudden fever is apparently a sign that she is about to turn into a “successor”, meaning she will take on the name and role of an original AKB0048 member.  The question on everyone’s mind is which name will she inherit?   A certain evil corporation also seems interested in the succession as well…

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT:  Episode 6
(I Don’t Have Many Friends)  AKA: Haganai
Are you getting enough Meat in your diet?

Just when it seems that Kodaka and Yozora may be in trouble with everyone after their secret is finally out, the neighbor’s club continues business as usual.  With the school festival coming up, the club makes an attempt to come up with an activity for the festival, if they even choose to participate.  The best part of this episode?  Meat.  With twintails.  Dressed as a maid.

Did I mention Meat is dressed as a maid in this episode?

After a triple-bypass, I survived this scene.

Little Busters!:  Episode19
You bitches picked the wrong Buster to fuck with.

With two more Busters personal lives put back into order, the next arc begins.  This story arc is centered on the adorable Kud, and her unusual learning disability.  While Kud appears to be a ditsy little girl with terrible grades, it turns out that she is ridiculously intelligent, but her nervousness causes her to fail exams.  Can the Little Busters help out the littlest buster of them all?  More importantly, when will we all get traumatized by an episode that reveals how messed up Kud probably is?

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru:  Episode 7
(My Girlfriend and my Childhood Friend Fight Too Much) AKA: Oreshura
The most dangerous specimen of anime romantic interests: the tsundere.

Summer break has finally arrived, and thanks to the efforts of a jealous student council member, Masuzu’s club has been disbanded.  With the club finally out of the way, Eita is delighted to have the opportunity to blow off the trio of female distractions from his life and begin a summer class for college placement.  Just as it seems things are looking up for Eita, Masuzu forces him to dig up dirt on the girl that closed down the club.  Things go from bad to worse for Eita when this girl is not only in the same summer class, but she even has a thing for him.  And she is a tsundere.  Poor Eita…

Psycho Pass:  Episode 17
I love the smell of justice in the morning

Shougo has been arrested, the Sybil system is safe and sound, and the riots have been stopped.  The end, right?  All this “good” news seems to have left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth as the crippled city begins to recover.  Shuusei has also turned up missing just after he reached the core of the Sybil system.  Just what could have been in there, anyway?

Robotics;Notes:  Episode 17
Giant robots only bring suffering.

After death, dismemberment, and a trashed Gunpro-2, the robotics club is officially disbanded for its terrible safety record.  Now Kaito is left wondering if he should download the last Kimijima report, and the Exoskeleton Corporation is questioning him about them.   And a certain someone still isn’t quite ready to give up on giant robots just yet…

Senran Kagura: Episode 7
Piranhas are well known for their lewd behavior.

After a crushing defeat, the girls are sent on a hiking trip for further training.  A SEXY hiking trip.  The girls each face some sort of natural obstacle in their travels, naturally leading to opportunities for ripped clothes, bouncing boobs, and panty shots.  I can assure you, this is genuine ninja stuff right here, ecchi is clearly the most powerful ninja art to be passed down to future generations.

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 20
(From the New World)
Don’t worry, it’s only trying to kill everyone.

Saki and Satoru have barely escaped their encounter with a fiend, and they are rushing back to warn the village.  The assault of the queerats is not over, however, and their tactics are terrifyingly effective.  Will the village survive the onslaught, or will they receive due reckoning from those they have enslaved and forsaken?

Vividred Operation:  Episode 6
Aw hell yeah!

No respectable ecchi show can go on without at least one beach episode, and Vividred has delivered one of the sexiest and funniest beach episodes of all time.  Grandpa Isshiki has cooked up a scheme to build up the girl’s “friendship” power, so they will have better fighting capabilities; and of course, things quickly get out of hand.  This week we also learn an important lesson about why a button should never be labeled “do not push.”

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 18
AKA: The Civilization Blaster
Crying takes the sad out of you, Yoshino.

Hakaze is concerned that her feelings for Yoshino may be what caused his girlfriend to die, so instead of dwelling on it for yet another episode, she actually takes some action.  For some reason this involves fighting the mage of exodus when he attempts to destroy another branch of the tree of genesis.  I’m sure we will get an explanation of Hakaze’s plan next week, since they weren’t nice enough to tell us during this episode.  On the plus side, it seems things are finally moving along, so I’m hoping for this show to get interesting again.

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