Mythical Corpse Confuses Experts

And here we see my High School girlfriend

An English man was walking his dog last week and was pleasantly surprised when he found what looked like the remains of a child’s confused nightmare lying dead on the beach.  The corpse, possibly some kind of odd cryptoid freshly escaped from hell, managed to freak out both the man and his dog.  Instead of doing the smart thing and moving the body to a better place where the world could study it Mr Bailey seems to have only taken a picture and continued on with his day.

Most people would probably jump to conclusions that this is clear proof that there are all kinds of odd animals out there still ready to kill without having the decency to be properly identified, although it seems that most of the experts in the world are leaning more on this just being either a dead dog or badger.  Not that I am really someone that is anywhere near an expert on point at something in a picture and identifying it, I have famously misidentified myself in photos, I would have to cite the fact that there is no proof aside from the strangely angled photo to prove that any of this happened.  Based on that calling hoax.

Source: Western Telegraph

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