EA Totally Would Never Pay Anyone to Post Positive Comments

Maxis servers, seen here

So EA is totally paying people to post positive comments in forums and other internet based groups about how entirely awesome it is that there is a nice and convenient always on system of DRM.  These posts make the great arguments that the game will always be up to date, it is just like an MMO, and we should just always be friends so the game is totally that much cooler to play—because that is how the internet works.  While I totally agree that we should kind of just wait for EA to get their shit together before exploding, it is everything around the servers being down that has made this launch really dirty.

I understand the theory behind all of this, that viral type marketing is probably one of the easiest ways to manage the message in the social conscience, but this isn’t even being done well.  Telling people that the DRM isn’t that big of a deal is one thing when the game works, and honestly I don’t mind it that much when it does, the issue here is that this game has had server connection issues since the beta and as far as I can tell they have never been addressed.  Mix in that equation customer service people telling people asking for refunds that if they continue to ask for them they will be banned from the service and you have a massive problem at the very core of how EA sees the people that consume their product.  It kind of makes you feel dumb, powerless, and angry just for wanting to play what could very well be one of the better games of this year.

Source (EA paying commenters): Play 4 Real (funny, worth reading)

Source (EA Banning accounts asking for refund): Evil Avatar (Rage inducing)

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