This Week in Stream: 5/11/13

Because you clearly aren't racist if it isn't at three people at once

On the Varms side of things:

The worst thing we have ever done.  Gillman and Stark drinking and let things just go.  There is just so much wrong over t he course of five hours it is hard to talk about.  Just…. You should watch this.  It is that amazing… At the very least towards the drunken end.

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Could. Have. Played. It. For. Days.

On the Mygamer side of things:

Gillman and Zack are at it again, this week playing Game Dev Tycoon.  Join us as we experience all the highs and lows that come from being an up and coming dev in this, the gaming, industry.  Watch as we make one poor choice after another, name games the worst things we can, and make as many penis jokes as one could fit into such a small area.

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