White House has No Issue Taxing Video Games

Not for President KICK ASS!

Biden has a habit of just kind of being a “say whatever is on his mind” sort of guy.  Recently, during a religious political rally he was asked if there would be some way to restrict the distribution of violent media and video games, something like taxing them.  Biden’s response was basically along the lines of, “Sure! No legal reason not to!” Considering that figuring out a way to curb the video game industry has long been a pet project of Biden’s, along with his repeated calls to have some kind of creditable research done on the matter, it doesn’t really seem like it is that odd that he would totally agree with that.

It bothers me that Biden sat down with the heads of many game studios and told them that he would not, nor does he care to, restrict video games in any manner; something seemingly forgotten after the recent school shooting (that had nothing to do with video games). I know that video games are the punching bag for all of the woes of the world at the moment, I know that we are quickly taking the place that comic books had for a rather long period.  It is just annoying when politicians use your pastime to try and gather people behind them.  Also, I am pretty sure this falls under the “government making laws to inhibit free speech”.

Source: Escapist

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