Russia Angry Historically Accurate Game not Nicer

I am sure this exact thing happened, Russia

Long time readers of the site will know that I am a huge fan of the Company of Heroes series, in the past I have gone so far as to claim that it is a better real time strategy game than StarCraft.  I say this so that you know when to take what I am about to say in the right context.  A, rather large, Russian gaming distributor has stopped all sales of Company of Heroes 2 because the game doesn’t paint the behavior of everyone in Russia as “wonderful” from the second World War.  While the game is nowhere near close enough to accurate to portray everything that happened as fact, as that would be a less interesting game, it is at the very least “inspired by” enough to make most Law and Order episodes look dumb for using “ripped from the headlines”.

I have not played the newest addition of the series, mainly because every time I have been paid since it came out there was something twice as important that seemingly needed to be bought that week, but the other games would only ever talk about real things that happened in kind of boring cut-scenes that used maps and giant arrows to show troop movement.  I never felt that any of the levels that were played in the game went over the line to disrespecting the memory of what happened—but I was also pretty sure that all those missions were simply things that could have happened.  Interestingly enough when I read about this story there was instantly people in the comments point out how painfully nationalistic Russia has been as of late.

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