Weekly Anime Round-Up: September 23rd– September 29th

Shimakaze reinvents the mini-skirt as the micro-skirt.  But hey, show some respect, she’s a veteran!

This week just about every show has come to an end besides Monogatari.  New shows for the fall season will begin next week, and I’ve just about finished planning what to include in the round up.  I’m still willing to take in a last minute suggestion or two, but overall the “reader inclusion” experiment was a failure.  (Internet, I am disappoint.)  As usual, I’ll keep things spoiler free (despite Gillman’s protest) so all you slowpokes out there can feel sad for not watching awesome anime and realize you should be catching up.  In other news this week, the ultra-popular Japanese web-browser game, Kantai Collection, is getting an anime series.  Kantai Collection is about vintage Japanese battleships personified as; you guessed it, cute girls.  Despite the fact that this game is open only to Japanese players, the main character, Shimakaze, is ridiculously popular all around the world.  Pretty much any merchandise featuring Shimakaze sells out as fast as they can add stock.  Why?  Probably her deadly combination of cuteness and sexiness.  When the anime comes around, I’ll probably cover it here due to the popularity of the franchise alone, but I’m sure you all know by now I have a weak spot for any show that includes cute girls and tools of warfare, bonus points for combining the two.

Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation:  Episode 12 End
(Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation)
No, thank YOU!

Neptune and the other goddesses must join forces to defeat the fallen nation of “Tari” and its goddess.  I typically go into any adaptation of a game with low expectations, but this one surprised me.  It is more than apparent that this was a low budget show, but it did an excellent job in capturing the humor and characterization from the game series.  The Neptunia game franchise had a rough start, but has improved significantly with each installment, and I hope the attention to the games from this anime will have a positive effect on future games, and maybe even another animated series.  You can never have enough Nep.

Danganronpa:  The Animation:  Episode 13 End
Any image I wanted to use would spoil the whole show.  Have some Danganronpa-related hilarity from the internet instead.

Talking about just about anything that happens this week will ruin the show and the game, so instead I’ll just leave my thoughts about the show.  This anime was produced with the intent to promote the re-release of the game on the PS Vita (Which is also getting a US release in 2014) and provide fanservice (not the sexual kind) to fans of the game.  Even though I’m sure the anime spoiled the game for me, I’m still very interested in getting the game, so Mission Accomplished, I guess.  While this show isn’t bad, it’s far from amazing, and struggles from a fairly low budget.  This show is still worth a watch for the strange cast of characters, the odd take on the “survival game” type story, and the dark humor of Monobear’s antics.

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen:  Episode 12 End
(The World God Only Knows:  Season 3)
The #1 mistake of any villain.

The final conquest is underway, and so is the war between Vintange and the demons of New Hell.  There is actually a pretty surprising scene towards the end.  I have to admit, for whatever reason I didn’t really have as much fun watching this season as I did watching the previous two, but it wasn’t bad by any means.  Be warned, this story arc still does not wrap everything up- you will have to follow the manga if you want to see everything.

Monogatari Series: Second Season:  Episode 13
Time for more KA KA KA!!!

Nadeko finds living alongside an oddity isn’t as easy as she thought, as she realizes the snake spirit she’s been hiding can be a bit of a chatterbox.  Like most of Monogatari, the odd dialog between Nadeko and the snake is the highlight of this strange tale so far.  Things liven up when everyone’s favorite vampire shows up to have a chat with Nadeko.

Ro-Kyu-Bu!  SS:  Episode 12 End
Even the trash talk is cute.

This episode concludes the anime adaptation of Ro-Kyu-Bu.  I originally picked this show up to stand apart from all the other western anime bloggers that are just going to cast this show aside and demonize it.  I set out to be one of the few viewers out there to give this anime a fair shake, and I’m glad I did.  The first season was fun, but this season was great.  The basketball, the comedy, the insane levels of cuteness, the rivalries and alliances… all of it came together really well, and the best part is this show also ended really well.  Everything wraps up nicely, and I think the ending will satisfy the viewers.  The appeal of this show is only going to fit into a niche within a niche, but this show is really fun for someone looking to see a sports anime get an extreme moe-makeover.

Rozen Maiden (2013):  Episode 13 End
This guy getting butthurt was the only redeeming part of the show.

It’s finally over; studio DEEN’s disastrous Rozen Maiden reboot is finally over.  The funny part is, it seems they were originally planning for this to go on for another season, as implied by an ending that doesn’t conclude anything at all.  I know something really went wrong when the best scene in a show about a magical doll death match was a scene at Jun’s workplace.  Yes, that’s right; an anime about crazy magical survival games has been reduced to the misadventures of a single man working a shitty part-time job, and that’s the good part.  Don’t even get me started on this show’s serious lack of DESU.  Even if you were a fan of the original anime series or the manga, don’t touch this show.  Save yourself 5 hours of your life and go read the manga.

 Senki Zesshou Symphogear G:  Episode WAITING FOR SUBS IS SUFFERING
If you listen carefully, you can hear the cries of every English-speaking Symphogear fan.

The 13th and final episode of Symphogear has come and gone, but subtitles are only available for the 12th episode.  I typically try to avoid including shows with a fuzzy schedule for subtitles to avoid the mess of having a show come and go on a whim; but in this case the issues didn’t crop up until the last half of the season when the team behind translation of this suddenly stopped giving a fuck.  I’ve reached a point where I’m done fighting to cover this show, so this will be the final time I mention it, especially with new shows starting this week.

The difficulty of translating this music-heavy show makes it hard to track down and watch, but it really is worth it.  This anime is worth a watch even if you weren’t thrilled by the first season, and it is one of my favorites from this year.

Shingeki no Kyojin:  Episode 25 End
(Attack on Titan)
Eren-gelion Unit 1’s berserker mode.

It’s the titan brawl behind the walls we have all been waiting for.  Unfortunately, after the dust settles, we are only left with a pile of unsolved mysteries, including a whopper of a mystery revealed just after the credits.  Strangely enough, there was no official announcement of another season at the end, but I can almost guarantee one is coming; Attack on Titan is probably one of the most popular TV anime to come around in years, and the manga seems to be selling as fast as they can print it.  This was one of my favorite shows of the year, hands down, and I can’t wait for more.  If you haven’t been watching Titan, you should consider giving it a try (unless you are on the squeamish side, this show isn’t packed with violence, but when the violence comes, it is unapologetically brutal.)  If you are one of those anime “fans” crying about how “dead” anime is, sit down, drink a nice tall glass of shut the fuck up, and watch Titan.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S:  Episode 24 End
(A Certain Scientific Railgun)
It’s on, motherfuckers.

WOW!  This episode is fucking AWESOME.  Most of this episode is a melee between an army of powered suits and other assorted mecha and ALL OF JUDGEMENT.  Just when it seems this couldn’t get any better, Saten and Uiharu pilot a giant, transforming robot.  JC Staff went all out with the finale, and I couldn’t be happier.  They even threw in a nifty tie-in to the Index movie towards the end (which you should also go watch, btw.)  I’d have to say that this show and Titan are two of my biggest favorites for this year’s anime.  I’d be delighted for another season of this or Index… or even better, both.  Make it so, Japan!

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!:  Episode 12 End
(It’s Not My Fault I’m Not Popular!)
AKA: Watamote

This was actually the only rational decision Tomoko has made in her entire life.


The final episode of Watomote has come to pass, with things pretty much ending where they began.  This show was very funny at times, but the humor was getting very worn out by the end.  This anime was at its top game when Tomoko’s inappropriate responses to just about any reached absurd extremes (The episode with her cousin coming over for a visit was the best); but it falls flat when we are expected to laugh at Tomoko mumbling and running away from someone she attempts to talk to for the 100th time.  While I’m not really willing to sing any major praises for this show, it was still entertaining, and I’ll still offer it as a suggestion to anyone looking for some unusual humor.

Extra Anime of the Week:
Kiniro Mosaic
Warning:  AED not included.

Don’t worry moebro’s, I didn’t forget about you this season!  This show is one of my favorites from the season, and it wasn’t included in the round up because my preferred source for subtitles/encodes was later than others, and I didn’t want to watch this with crap subs for the sake of the article (deal with it.)

Kiniro Mosaic is a slice of life/comedy about a girl named Shinobu that goes on a homestay program to Great Britain, where she befriends a girl named Alice.  Years later, just as Shinobu is about to begin her first year of high-school, she receives a letter from Alice stating that she is going to school with her in Japan.  This show is all about Alice moving in with Shinobu, going to school, and hanging out with Shinobu and her friends.  This anime has all of the elements that make for a great slice of life:  fun characters, lots of light-hearted humor, great voice acting (Nao Touyama’s role of half British, half Japanese “Karen” and her silly, broken Japanese are almost reason enough alone to watch this show), and incredibly adorable character designs.

This show has been described by fans as being “aggressively” cute, even among other slice of life anime. While the internet is littered with countless bloggers that will denounce this show as some kind of empty, soul-less, otaku cash-grab, reality couldn’t be further from the truth.  What this show lacks in over-the-top action and deep storyline, it makes up for with light-hearted charm, comedy, and pure fun.  Obviously this anime isn’t for everyone, but this is a must see for slice of life fans, and a great “feel-good” kind of show.  This is the kind of show that will put a smile on your face every time you watch it, no matter how foul a mood you happen to be in.

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