Varms TV: Saturday Morning Cartoon Stream

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Longing for the days when Saturday morning meant something, Stark and Gillman woke up first thing and started streaming some retro style games for the pleasure of all of our fans. The games might be new, but you will think that this is stuff from the 90s.  We start the stream by playing through Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge, a heart warming story of a hero that is trolled on space-facebook and travels to that person’s home planet to kick his ass.  That is the story, and that is all you need because video games.  I end up dropping the difficulty down to easy and beating the game, after awhile.  Not feeling done we play some Guacamelee and I prove that I am terrible at all things that are jumping puzzles.  Don’t worry, the Gilman and Stark commentary runs throughout, mainly about topics you may or may not care about. Also passingly about the games.

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