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High Powered Radio Ways with a “Mathematical Pattern” Detected From Deep Space

Very recently eleven short bursts, all of which follow a specific mathematical pattern, have been detected coming from outer space.  The origin of the signal is up for debate, as some people would like to claim it is either a hoax or simply intercepted signals from a government satellite, but if the source is non-terrestrial the next most likely contender is not inside of the galaxy and would require the energy of several stars just to send.  Be a party pooper all you want, the idea of some kind of Dyson Sphere style civilization reaching out for contact is awesome.

All things considered, this is almost certainly not aliens making contact.  The amount of energy required is beyond insane, and considering that most science fiction wouldn’t even call us worthy of contact; it would make much sense for a space fairing species to even care.  Also, another point of order, as technology increases so does the desire for it to be overall more energy efficient.  That basically means that there is a real possibility that within our lifetimes signals won’t escape the atmosphere unless we want them to.  Sadly this probably just two really neat neutron stars smashing the living hell out of each other.

Source: Fox News

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