I want you! to be less active!

NASA Paying the Fit to Become Less So

If you are an able bodied US legal resident of moderate to amazing physical shape NASA is looking for you to do absolutely nothing!  For 70 short days, or almost ¼ of a year, they simple ask that you remain almost completely still in an almost flat bed.  Don’t worry, you are still expected to exercise while in bed so, you know, walking is still functional at the end of the experiment.  Also all of the highlights of pooping in a pan and washing yourself with a cloth on a stick are just signing bonuses.  All that and more can be yours, plus 18k.

Maybe I have just reached that point in my life that this entire thing sounds horrible, or maybe it was the fact that I would have to poop in a bedpan instead of the toilet—or some special space bed—that made me think this wasn’t a great time.  Also all of the headlines that talk about this also seem to think that just anyone off the street could be taken, including the famous “couch potato”.  If they even bothered to pay attention to the words they typed they would notice that the recruits would have to be in mildly good condition, count me out, or they wouldn’t make it through the application process.

Source: The Hindu

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