Old Podcasts Updated

Went through the process of bringing over all of the old podcasts from the old site and making them accessible.  It was kind of bothering me that the only people that could listen to the ‘casts were iTunes people.

If there are any articles that you guys want brought forward and I can see what I can do about that as well.  Enjoy the old content.

Updates: For those of you that use iTunes

The iTunes feed is from when we first started the podcast, and as such still has to be edited manually.  I wish I could come up with a better excuse for why it is later on that one feed then it is, but the truth is that I hate editing it– maybe because iTunes wants the code to such a way and I tend to mess it up at least once by trying something new and cool.  Until I can figure out how to get everyone over to a new feed the podcast will always be a day late, mainly because I get kind of drunk while editing the pod and also because we normally finish kind of late in the day.

Don’t worry, I use iTunes for all of my podcast listening, so it will always be there, just a little later than normal.