This Week in Stream: 5/5/13

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So the first stream is one that I did for It is interesting and has some fun highlights. It is also a lot of us talking about how great the game is.

The second stream is Casey and I getting really drunk and talking about the worst possible things that we can think of. At one point a pizza guy shows up at my house and I stop talking and start eating, due to being drunk. Casey decides to fill dead air by reading off some of the interesting entries to “the racial slur database”. It was a strange night.

Watch live video from varms on TwitchTV

Watch live video from varms on TwitchTV

This Week in Stream: 4/19/13

Moon.  Always pick the moon.

Gillman and Zack are at it again! This week we are playing Duck Tales 1 and 2 for the NES, along with the re-releases on GameBoy. We provide our color commentary and thoughts about how just terrible I am at these games. Let us know what you think and feel in the comments!

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This Week in Stream: 4/13/13


This week Gillman and Zack attack Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch!  We talk to our fans in the chat room and discuss important things in life, like why frogs can’t open chests, why decoding things in games is hard to do, and why Gillman always really quickly goes to odd, dark humor.  Let us know what you think in the comments or by following us on twitch!

Don’t worry, this is for all of you out there that wonder what it is like when I doing something that I try to be serious during.  The answer is some kind of weird joke that treats women like objects that no one else gets.  Check out for more of the same attempts by me.

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This Week in Stream: April 8th


Last Friday Stark and I decided to do some streaming, and by streaming I mean talking on Skype while we both drink and I play video games.  The entire event turned from me experiencing a game that I literally just downloaded that night to hopefully play through for both Twitch fans, to be becoming too drunk too do anything that resembled that intention.  After quickly jumping to a couple of other games we finally landed on Brutal Legend.  We then proceeded to continue drinking and I forgot how the very basics of video game controls, such as movement and button prompts, work.  I might be only slightly exaggerating but I am pretty sure I also lost most of my grasp of the English language at one point.  Be warned, this is over four and a half hours and we get drunk.


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PC Game Review: Special Forces: Team X

Deaths are the only really great part of this game

Team Fortress 2 set the bar for stylized shooters several years back, almost to the point that no one has really tried to do anything in that vein very seriously since that game shipped.  Thankfully Zombie Studios has stepped up and taken a page from both Gears of War and Call of Duty to try their hand that rather small but always rather interesting niche.

When she thinks you are using your cellphone to prove her wrong
It would have been a one if it wasn’t for the effort put into getting the stream posted and working

Team X has an uninhibited sense of unique style.  Headshots are greeted with the recipients skull flying off and being replaced with jets of blood, the characters all seem to be rejects from the last Predator movie, the level design seems to take place in what only Dr. Evil would ever think would be a functioning factory/supply yard, and someone decided to see how far the desaturation effect on Photoshop would look when applied to absolutely everything.  The one thing that stands out the most about the game is that there is zero possibility that anyone is going to mistake it, visually, for anything else, ever.  While that does manage to put the game on a pedestal in a competition no one else was in it also has the distinct effect of making it feel like the game didn’t get the last pass on textures from the art department.

Even if the game does sometimes look like a late era PS2 game it does still hold its own mechanically. An unlock system based off of Call of Duty’s level progression makes an appearance, as it is in many newer shooter titles, but instead of being limited to guns only it reaches so far as to unlock character customization traits—even if all them kind of just make the avatar look like another generic and interchangeable background action movie character.  If those forgettable B-roll film characters were placed in a washed out level of Gears of War you would have something that resembles Team X.

The problem with the game isn’t anything that it does– the art style is interesting and something that they should be glad that they went for, and through play it does prove itself to be fairly competent at the way it plays—the problems comes in from the fact that it never really seems to do anything new along the way.  The games that inspired Special Forces Team X to be the way that it is gained a fan base by doing things that other games hadn’t done or weren’t doing right, and while copying those ideas might gather some people waiting to kill time until the next sequel in those series come out it will probably only be a matter of time before is entirely forgotten.

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2 on the scale of "Oddly, still not divorced"