This week in streaming: Gal Gun

Teachers are lewd

I am not going to tell you that Stark and I are going to do a podcast like stream once a week, because that would be a terrible lie.  I will tell you that we will probably get together every now and then and do one, probably with a couple of drinks in us.  This week we played Gal Gun, a Japanese import where you attack women with some kind of random pheromone gun to make them stop chasing after you.  Also they only stop once they have climaxed, so there is that too.

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There is a little bit of an audio issue when we first start off, because this was really the first time since we have started streaming that I figured everything one how most of these programs work, so if that bothers you at all you can skip right to about the five minute mark when everything is figured out and we are up to our normally middling standards.

Teachers don't care about others, they just want to get their O face on

On the off chance you that you aren’t following us on twitch, you should.  You can almost always find Casey (the comic guy) and myself streaming almost every day.  Worst case you normally just deal with me, and I take suggestions and comments while I am streaming which basically makes it 20 times more viewer friendly than this site.