Weekly Anime Round-Up: March 25th – March 31st

Winter anime has almost entirely finished for the season, with Little Busters being the only show included in the round up that did not end this week.  This season was a lot of fun, but the upcoming spring anime lineup looks very exciting, with lots of variety and the return of some popular shows from last year and beyond.  Since this article consists almost entirely of endings, I’m going to try and keep things short and sweet.

AKB0048:  Episode 26 END
Can’t… resist… the moe…

AKB0048’s final push to retake Akibastar involves singing to a crowd of disenfranchised citizens that feel they were abandoned during the DES assault.  As expected, this show wraps up with a spectacular performance of idols vs. space marines, along with answering a lot of the viewer’s burning questions.  This is the kind of show someone will either love or hate, but it was a fun ride and worth watching by any fan of idol anime.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT:  Episode 12 END
(I Don’t Have Many Friends)  AKA: Haganai
I’ve heard this is a common practice in American prisons

This episode reinforced my opinion that Haganai is awesome when it sticks to comedy, and just plain awkward when it tries to be serious.  I really loved watching this season, and I still recommend it to fans of Haganai, but be warned, the ending for this season is going to leave a bitter taste in your mouth.  Unless a 3rd season comes around, this will be one of the worst endings to a TV anime I have ever seen.  Now go ahead and watch it and rage.

Girls und Panzer:  Episode 12 END
B-b-but tanks are supposed to be fun!

The conclusion of the biggest tank battle the girls have faced is finally here, and it was worth the wait.  The creative team’s decision to take the extra time needed to do this final battle the right way paid off, because both of these episodes were simply amazing.  This show is yet another example of anime’s unusual knack for transforming strange concepts into fantastic entertainment.  The massive popularity of this show practically guarantees another season, so it is almost safe to say we can expect even more cute girls and tanks.

Little Busters!:  Episode: 25
A true anime rarity:  a girl with an eye patch for actual medical reasons.

This week the Little Busters are… actually getting ready to play baseball?  A game has finally been arranged for the Busters to play against a team formed by the schools other athletic clubs, but they are still short one player for the game.  Will unusual circumstances once again bring another player to the Little Busters baseball team?

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru:  Episode 13 END
(My Girlfriend and my Childhood Friend Fight Too Much) AKA: Oreshura
The final battle for the title of best girl begins…

The “Oredere” game promotion contest has begun, in a seemingly cruel display that forces the girls to pour their hearts out for Eita in front of a large audience.  The sacred answer to the question of “which girl won” is up for debate after the conclusion of this show.  In the end, Oreshura was enjoyable, but also a fairly average romcom anime with a fairly average romcom ending.

Senran Kagura:  Episode 12 END
Best girls have arrived to save the day!

The conclusion to boobie ninja’s is upon us, for better or worse.  This show set out to be an ecchi/action/comedy and achieved exactly that, and it won’t ever fall under or exceed those expectations.  Was Senran Kagura a pervy action show made to pander to fans of ninjas and boobs?  Yes.  Was Senran Kagura awesome for those same previously mentioned reasons?  Absolutely.

Vividred Operation:  Episode 12 END
C’mon crow god, have you seen gas prices?  Taking away the Incarnate Engine is a dick move.

The interdimensional crow-god thingy has spoken, and naturally it wants to destroy all of mankind, because that is the only reasonable thing to do.  Can Akane and her friends save mankind and alternative energy with the power of friendship and yuri overtones?  We are going to find out!  Vividred is a really fun show made to entertain anime fans, and is completely unapologetic about it.  Obviously this means this show isn’t for everyone, and strangely enough that is also what makes it devilishly fun.

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 24 END
AKA: The Civilization Blaster
Can anyone stop the tree of Genesis?

Studio Bones is infamous for the way they end anime (Just ask Soul Eater fans), but I have to admit, they did a good job this time.  Everything wraps up nicely, and a very satisfying ending was delivered.  It’s obvious that my enjoyment of this show was lacking during the second half, mostly due to some really bad pacing issues.  This show could have been amazing if it was trimmed down to a single core season of 12-13 episodes, especially because I always had the feeling every bit of the story was being stretched beyond its limit.

Yet Another Show I Watched:

GJ-Bu:  12 Episodes
Anime high school once again proves superior to real high school.

GJ-bu is yet another show from this season that I regrettably did not include in the roundup.  The story basically involves the daily activities the GJ club, a school club that consists of four girls and a new member nicknamed “Kyoro”, the only male member of the club.  The GJ club is pretty much just an excuse for everyone to have a place to mess around, and that is the basic premise of the show.  This is a slice of life/comedy that strongly represents everything that is great about slice of life anime.  The show is both relaxing and humorous, and features a cast of colorful and memorable characters.  Slice of Life shows can be very hit or miss with me, but I really enjoyed this one.  If you are in the market for something cute, silly, and relaxing, this show hits the spot.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: March 18th – March 24th

Three of shows have come to an end this week, and almost all of them will finish up next week.  Things will be slow for the next couple weeks, but there is some good news:  Girls und Panzer has returned!  The conclusion to one of the biggest shows of last year is finally upon us!  Mahou shoujo fans also have a special treat this week, as the Lyrical Nanoha A’s movie finally came out on BD, with English subtitles included!  Naturally, I added this awesome movie to this week’s roundup, enjoy!

AKB0048:  Episode 25
Look out!  That fun is comin’ right for us!

As the girls rehearse for the concert to take back Akibastar, things on their home world are nothing short of terrible.  A strange phenomenon causes the girls to take a peek into the hidden world where the “center nova” disappear into, and learn a bit about their true origin.  Prepare for a cliffhanger ending.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT:  Episode 11
(I Don’t Have Many Friends)  AKA: Haganai
Even when sick, Rika maintains her elegant passion for romance.

Being the only person capable of spicing up Sena’s ridiculous movie with high-quality CG special effects has taken a toll on Rika, causing her to fall ill.  The Neighbors club decides to cancel the film screening for the festival, so they call all enjoy the movie together as… friends.  Just as the festival finishes up, jealousy gives birth to the greatest enemy the Neighbors club has ever faced, and things wrap up with a shocking event!  Get ready for the shocking conclusion next week!

Girls und Panzer:  Episode 11
Can the girls of Oarai stop moe Nazis?

The much anticipated conclusion to last year’s biggest hit is finally here!  The wait was long, but kudos to the team behind this show for admitting they needed more time to deliver an awesome ending.  This episode is packed with tons (forgive the pun) of tank action, and a powerful reminder of how awesome this show can be.  The cliffhanger at the end will leave you begging for next week to get here.

Little Busters!:  Episode: 24
I’m not sure if they are determined or angry.

Now that another member of the Little Busters has had their problems solved, it’s time for yet another mysterious mission from the cat master!  This time the gang has been assigned the simple task of putting on a puppet show.  While looking through some children’s stories written by Komari, Riki is disturbed by what seems to be an ominous foretelling in one of the stories.  What is going to happen when Rin and Riki discover the true secrets of their world?

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 2nd A’s
Magical rocket-powered sledgehammers are the solution to any problem.

For those not familiar with the series, Lyrical Nanoha is a magical girl show in a world where magic, science, and advanced technology are all mixed together.  These movies are a retelling of their respective television series.  This is the second installment, based on the second TV series, and the third and final movie covering the third TV series has been announced at the time of this article.  These films are awesome because they are the pure essence of anime at its finest:  that strange yet amazing blend of being both incredibly cute and awesomely badass all at once.

This film takes place a couple years after the first, as Nanoha is reunited with Fate after she has repaid her debt to society and the Time-Space Administration Bureau.  Not long after the happy reunion, a group of powerful mages attack with the intention of stealing their linker-cores, the source of their power as mages.  This movie is packed with awesome, over the top fight scenes, amazing animation, incredible music, and everything else one would expect from an anime made for the cinema.  This movie was so good; a Japanese police sergeant was arrested for recording a cam-rip of this film just to watch at home.  Fortunately, thanks to the fact that English subtitles are included on the Japanese BD’s, (and the fact that the internet is your best friend) you can enjoy this movie at home without the threat of incarceration!  Don’t miss this one!

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru:  Episode 12
(My Girlfriend and my Childhood Friend Fight Too Much) AKA: Oreshura
Anime Fact:  Men naturally reach for the nearest pair of breasts whenever they fall down for safety reasons.

Eita and the girls have arrived at the beach house to get settled in before the contest.  If you haven’t realized it yet, it is time for the inevitable beach episode and the usual antics that come with it.  A surprise encounter with Mana and Masuzu finding an important passage in Eita “8th grader syndrome” notebook serve to add more fuel to the fire of “which girl will win?”  I’m personally hoping for orange to come out and win, but smart money is on silver right now.  Place your bets!

Psycho Pass:  Episode 22 END
Time for a good ol’ fashioned knife fight.

This week we finally find out if someone can stop Shougo from ruining everyone’s delicious hyper oats and bringing down Sybil with chaos caused by mass starvation!  I honestly didn’t expect this show to end as well as it did with only one episode to wrap up so many events, but they somehow managed to pull off a really satisfying ending.  This was one of the best original series I have seen in a long time, and a serious AOTY contender.

Robotics;Notes:  Episode 22 END
Can Gunpro-1 save mankind?

The final battle between the rebuilt Gunpro-1 and Exoskeleton’s high-tech war machine has finally begun!  This show had a lot of ups and downs, but it was worth watching to the end.  This is a “must watch” for fans of Science Adventure visual novels and anime shows (Chaos; Head, Steins; Gate), but it should be said that no one should go into this expecting another Steins; Gate.  Just for the record, I still say Frau was best girl.

Senran Kagura:  Episode 11
I hate bean sprouts, but I would eat bean sprouts with her all day every day.

The great ninja clash has begun!  Once again, the girls each face off with their own arch enemies, hoping to dish out some payback for last time.  Meanwhile, Hibari must escape from her holding cell so she can tell her friends about the terrible curse placed on the students of the dark faction.  Will the balance between light and darkness be restored?  Will we finally get a bath scene with the girls from the light AND dark factions bathing together?  All questions will be answered next week when we finally get to the conclusion of the breast ninja film of all time!

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 25 END
(From the New World)
Even after attempted genocide, Squealer delivers the laughs.

The final episode of Nightmare Fuel: the Anime is finally upon us.  Discussion of what happened during this episode would actually spoil the ENTIRE series, so I’m keeping my lips sealed.  Don’t worry; you will be thoroughly disturbed when this is over.  This show wasn’t a spectacular anime, but it was fascinating, unique, thought provoking, and deserving of much more praise than it has received in both Japan and the west.  While this has been a commercial failure, this show is a hidden gem that is worth watching by anyone looking for something that breaks away from typical anime formulas.

Vividred Operation:  Episode 11
I’m not sure if this was an intentional reference or not…

The UN has arrested Rei and taken her to a special detention facility, because it seems the UN doesn’t care for acts of terrorism against critical energy infrastructure.  Despite knowing Rei is their enemy, Akane and friends just simply can’t resist friendship; so they make the sound decision to suit up and fight their way into the UN detention facility for one last talk with Rei.  What could possibly go wrong?

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 23
AKA: The Civilization Blaster
This is the best possible response to getting caught with pornography.  10/10

The final preparations for the attack on the tree of Genesis are being made, but not without some more drama from the lovely princess, of course.  The last half of this episode features mages vs. naval battleships, and I have to admit I have forgotten how awesome the fights are in this show when they actually happen.  The grand finale airs next week!

Weekly Anime Round-Up: March 11th – March 17th

A delicious Hibari figure made by Phat Company.  U Jelly?

A couple shows on the round up will be ending soon, meaning that the winter anime season will be drawing to a close in the next couple weeks.  This week I have an episode of Senran Kagura to add to the lineup, and I have an extra surprise as well: a wonderful series from this season ended this week, so I’ve added a little piece about it in the round-up.  In other news, Senran Kagura has caused me to splurge on an ultra-cute figure of Hibari, and at some point this week I should be getting my hands on a copy of Hyperdimension Neptunia V.  Expect delays.

AKB0048:  Episode 24
The Zodiac Corporation: A world leader in manufacturing big robots, oppression, and daddy issues.

Chieri and Nagisa have stowed away on a ship travelling to a planet where the HQ of the Zodiac Corporation is in hopes of trying to stop Chieri’s father from turning the “center nova” phenomena into another weapon to sell to the DES.  In the meantime, the rest of the idols aboard the Flying Get are preparing a plan to retake Akibastar.  This episode is pretty much a build up for things to come, but not without a big surprise at the end…

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT:  Episode 10
(I Don’t Have Many Friends)  AKA: Haganai
It turns out Meat wasn’t Yozora’s true enemy.

After all the hard work of filming Yozora’s movie for the festival, the club discovers Yozora ripped-off an obscure movie and was hoping no one would notice.  Now the Neighbor’s club has started a new movie from scratch, using a ridiculous script written by Sena.  Strangely enough, Rika puts on her serious face in this episode and even goes far enough to confront Kodaka about some issues she has with him!

Little Busters!:  Episode23
Hey wait, this isn’t moe anymore!

As if the whole nuclear-powered rocket exploding wasn’t enough to ruin Kud’s day, an armed rebellion breaks out just to spice things up a bit.  I have to admit, I didn’t see anything coming in this episode.  Do you think you’ve been through a lot?  Do you think you’re tough?  You ain’t got shit on Kudryavka.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru:  Episode 11
(My Girlfriend and my Childhood Friend Fight Too Much) AKA: Oreshura
Fun fact: Video games are the only way to truly understand women.

Eita’s aunt suddenly shows up, and she instantly calls out Masuzu for being a “fake”.  One thing leads to another, and then the girls decide to sign up for a competition set up by the video game company Eita’s aunt works for.  Eita’s aunt insists the winner of the contest is the one girl that will be “truly” in love with Eita.  Now that Masuzu’s pride is injured by the fact that someone can actually see through her trolling, she’s decided to enter the contest as well.  Will best girl win?  Place your bets and find out!  (Or we will just get the typical indecisive ending and never know…)

Psycho Pass:  Episode 21
Agricultural science is way more fun than it should be.

Shougo has finally made his way to the building that controls the crop defense virus, but so has everyone that is hunting him down.  A lot of things happen in this episode that I really should keep to myself to avoid spoiling anything.  The conclusion airs next week, so get ready!

Robotics;Notes:  Episode 21
This is the only proper way to end any romantic scene.

This is pretty much just the buildup before the final episode, but it wasn’t exactly uneventful.  This episode features the wondrous and shocking phenomenon in anime where we finally find out which girl wins.  My horse in this race was a loser, but I’ll be damned if she isn’t ideal waifu material.  Oh, and hopefully we find out if they save the human race next week.

Senran Kagura:  Episode 10
Eating phallic food is a secret of true ninja warriors.

Okay, we have some subs for last week’s episode, so now we can finally find out how Hibari is doing!  Hibari continues her scary, yet sexy adventures within the school of the dark faction.  Meanwhile, the rest of her friends are preparing to infiltrate the dark faction and rescue everyone’s favorite bunny-riding ninja.  (Or at least Yagyuu’s favorite.)

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 24
(From the New World)
Biological weapons are known for such pretty colors.

Now that Saki finally has the psychobuster, an opportunity to end this whole mess and crush the queerat rebellion shows itself.  The question is, does Saki have the guts to finish the fight?  We shall have to watch and see…

Vividred Operation:  Episode 10
Oh the fun of taking screenshots out of context…

Strangely enough, in a show no one expected to have a storyline worthy of spoilers; we get an episode full of storyline that would be rude to spoil.  All kinds of questions are answered this week, especially about Rei’s reasons for travelling from the future to destroy the Incarnate Engine, and a bit about what happened to Professor Isshiki when he first encountered the Alone.  And of course, we end with Akane coming to a shocking revelation about a certain friend…

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 22
AKA: The Civilization Blaster
Ugh… yeah, it’s time for some QUALITY.

Hakaze has returned to the present to bring everyone the bad news.  This is another episode for building up for things to come at the ending, but with lots of QUALITY.  This one was almost as bad as Psycho Pass’s infamous 18th episode, but no one noticed since this show isn’t nearly as good during the second half.  Let’s all just hope we get a spectacular fight scene and a brief ending to this one.


Worth Watching:

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?
(Problem Children are coming from another World, Aren’t They?)
This bunny girl and the fact that Satomi Arai was doing the voice of a character in this show made me pick this up.

As indicated by the absurdly long title of this show, this is an adaptation of a light novel.  This show is a bit of a hidden gem from this season, as there wasn’t much buzz about it either here or in Japan.  This is about three teenagers with the powers of gods that have been summoned to a world called the “little garden” to participate in the gift games.  Explaining the entire thing about how communities in the little garden and gift games work would take some time, but it could best be thought of as a world where people battle for wagers of territory and powers.

The show takes place in an interesting setting with a fun cast of unique and charming characters.  There is a good deal of world-building, action, drama, and even a few bits of fanservice that can keep any anime fan interested.  This show was completely worthy of being part of the weekly roundup, and was set to replace Zesuen no Tempest for quite some time; but I wanted to finish Tempest and I like to limit the roundup to around 10 shows in order to leave leeway for oddball shows, OVA’s or movies that may show up at any given point in time.  Anyways, I had tons of fun watching this, and I think this would be right up the ally of anyone that wants to watch something with a bit of a fantasy flair going for it.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: March 4th – March 10th

Once again, subs for Senran Kagura have been delayed for one reason or another, so I’m sorry to mention that it won’t be included in this week’s round-up, again.  From this point on it would be better to assume delays, so I will simply add the show to the article as subs become available.  I do have some good news though, this week I managed to get my hands on Vol. 3 of the TLR Darkness’s BD, and in another week or so we will finally have the conclusion to Girls und Panzer, which I’m obviously going to write about.

AKB0048:  Episode 23
Oh shit!  I’m tripping balls!

A malfunctioning Kiara Drive has left the remnants of ’00 stranded on a strange alien world full of hallucinogenic mushrooms and adorable monsters.  While waiting for repairs, the girls discover a Zodiac Inc. mining operation that is trashing the planet.  This is basically an anime version of Avatar, but instead of everything being solved with the betrayal of mankind and anti-American sentiment, idols fix everything with singing, mic-sabers, and mecha.  Oh anime, this is why I love you.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT:  Episode 9
(I Don’t Have Many Friends)  AKA: Haganai
And now we know where Sena gets her insanity from.

As the neighbor’s club begins filming their movie for the festival, it is revealed that Sena’s lolicon tenancies somehow caused her father to think her and Kodaka were getting married.  (We have to keep in mind that both Sena and her father are fucking nuts.)  More secrets about the forgotten past between Kodaka and Sena are then revealed, so I suppose I will avoid saying anything more so viewers can get their hands on this “meaty” situation.

Little Busters!:  Episode22
A nuclear-powered rocket built by a poor nation with Soviet technology?  Sounds safe to me.

Poor little Kud-o finds out that her mother’s rocket launch didn’t go very well.  Now she is struggling with a decision to return to her homeland to search for her mother or to stay with the Little Busters.  Her decision is made even harder by the fact that she may never be allowed to return to Japan if she is contaminated with the radioactive fallout from the explosion.  Being a Little Buster is hard…

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru:  Episode 10
(My Girlfriend and my Childhood Friend Fight Too Much) AKA: Oreshura
“And the #1 line that will get you convicted on a rape charge is…”

The club has finally been restored, but only under the condition that a certain student council member is allowed to join.  Much to my dismay, worst girl is now part of the crew, but here we are.  This week poor Eita is forced to endure every man’s worst nightmare: going shopping for swimsuits with girls.  To make matters worse, he is shopping with FOUR girls that are jealous of each other and arguably insane.  I don’t care how cute any of them are, I don’t envy Eita one bit.

Psycho Pass:  Episode 20
Tell me your secrets, magical talking gun.

The Sybil system itself decides to divulge its true nature to Akane in hopes that she will do its bidding, and she reluctantly agrees with a few conditions.  Meanwhile, Shougo is plotting to find a way to destroy Japan’s food supply just to screw with the Sybil system.  Will Akane betray everyone on the force to become a tool of “justice”?  Is Shougo going to find a way to piss in everyone’s bowl of “hyper oats?”  We must watch and find out, my friends.

Robotics;Notes:  Episode 20
Even when facing total annihilation, Frau continues to be best girl.

The world is in chaos, everyone in panic because of artificial delusions.  Conspirators are about to attach powerful bombs to rockets that will wipe out most of mankind.  A ghost from the past has possessed an innocent assassin.  Akiho’s answer to all of this?  Build a giant robot to fight for justice.  I have had my misgivings with this series in the past, but damn, this finale is gonna be fucking awesome.

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 23
(From the New World)
This is where the ancients used to keep the candy, right?

Saki and company continue their journey through the mutant-infested underworld of old Tokyo in their quest to find the Psychobuster.  I have to admit, despite all of the flaws of this show, the team behind it did an excellent job of creating a creepy atmosphere.  Oh, and get ready for a visit from a faceless old friend…

To Love Ru: Darkness:  Episodes 5&6
Delicious BD Version
Are you enjoying these BD’s carefully?

As expected, Momo continues with preparations for her sex-tastic harem plan.  Somehow this involves Rito being turned into a girl and being played with by other girls, but hey, this is TLR, are you really surprised by anything at this point?  Be sure to enjoy these uncut episodes carefully!

Vividred Operation:  Episode 9
Fear not, the best couple has arrived!

Things slow down again this week, this time for some bonding between Himawari and Wakaba.  In this episode both girls focus on building the power of yuri…er…friendship.  An alone shows up towards the end to stir things up, but this is pretty much just an episode for slice of life/yuri fanservice.  Were you expecting some kind of philosophical stance on the condition of mankind?

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 21
AKA: The Civilization Blaster
That’s right bitch, I dual wield.

Hakaze’s trip to the past finally answers many questions from the beginning of the show.  The answer, in a nutshell, is:  “it’s time travel, I ain’t gotta explain shit!”  Talking about anything else from this episode would be a dick move, even if it was completely predictable.  If anything, there was a pretty sweet fight in this week’s episode, so there’s that.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: February 25th – March 3rd

We are down to the last few episodes left for the winter season, and I’ve already been cooking up plans for what to watch during the spring season.  I hope you enjoy big robots and cute rail guns, because that is a taste of what to expect this spring.  As for current events, I’m making up for last week’s lack of busty ninja girls with a double dose of Senran Kagura.  Another fun fact from this week:  Vividred Operation is getting a PS3 game, so fans of import games will finally be able to live out their fantasies of flying around as a magical girl alongside of F-35 fighter jets.  (Anyone telling you that isn’t their fantasy is a dirty liar.)

AKB0048:  Episode 22
Is this the end of fun as we know it?

With Akibastar in ruins and yet another Center Nova disappearing out of thin air, things are looking bleak in a galaxy that already seems to embrace everything being bleak.  Now the remnants of AKB0048 are on the run from the DES in a crippled starship, along with the traitor that caused this whole mess.  There are some big secrets revealed this week, along with more idol/mecha combat.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT:  Episode 8
(I Don’t Have Many Friends)  AKA: Haganai
Sena only took about 5 seconds to go into insane lolicon mode this week.

The neighbor’s club has decided to take a break from screwing around to go back to their plans for the upcoming school festival.  This week things take a turn for the serious as Yozora struggles with her feelings for Kodaka and her jealousy of Sena.  Don’t worry though, there is still more than enough ridiculousness to go around for this week.

Little Busters!:  Episode21
Wow, Kud seems pretty happy, what could possibly go wrong?  Oh, that…

Kudryavka’s story continues after last week’s cat master challenge.  In this episode we learn all sorts of interesting things about the most adorable Little Buster in the group, including her family’s ties to the Soviet space program.  Things have been happy for way too long, so naturally we are overdue for yet another dose of Key-branded suffering…

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru:  Episode 9
(My Girlfriend and my Childhood Friend Fight Too Much) AKA: Oreshura
Ku ku kuuuuu, I see what you did there.

Eita uncovers the secret of his pink-haired stalker, and finally gets the information he needs for Masuzu.  Does this mean he will be free for the rest of the summer to study?  Of course not, now he just has yet another girl to fight over him.  Be on the lookout for even more nods to other anime this week!

Psycho Pass:  Episode 19
Crime Coefficient: Bad Mother Fucker

Shinya’s now on the run from the Sybil system he worked so hard to protect, while the rest of his unit gets a set of orders that don’t quite make any sense.  Now Shinya has to figure out Shougo’s next move before he is hunted down by his former colleagues.  Just in case you are wondering, yes, this week’s episode is back to the usual standards.

Robotics;Notes:  Episode 19
Okay Exoskeleton, I guess you won the robotics expo.

Things quickly get out of hand at the robotics expo, and shit gets real.  The events of this episode tie right into both Chaos; Head and Stein’s; Gate, and the situation is worse than you could possibly imagine.  This was a really awesome episode that is full of surprises, just go watch it.

Senran Kagura: Episodes 8&9
Who doesn’t want to go on a ninja bunny ride with Hibari?

The girls continue to train in preparation for their next encounter with the dark faction, and Sensei can’t help but notice Hibari is slacking behind the other girls.  Just as it seems poor Hibari is down and out, things get worse when her evil stalker calls in a favor.  Will sweet and innocent Hibari become tempted by the dark side?

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 22
(From the New World)
Can’t we have one fucking thing in this world that doesn’t look disturbing?

Now that the queerats have figured out how to use fiends against their human masters, things aren’t looking good for the human race.  Saki has been charged with finding an ancient weapon from the war between the normal humans and psychics, carrying the obvious name “psychobuster.”  This means traveling to the ruins of Tokyo, which just so happens to be a post-apocalyptic hell full of mutant monsters.  Good luck!

Vividred Operation:  Episode 8
Ace Combat: Vividred Operation

With the alone regenerating into a new form and Akane hospitalized by the battle, the UN is scrambling to find a way to save the Manifestation Engine.  Just like last episode, there is a much more serious focus this week, so the usual cute butt fan service has stepped aside for military fan service.  Don’t worry, they still show some cute butts.  Oh, and the fighting is awesome again this week.  Enjoy!

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 20
AKA: The Civilization Blaster
She almost seems too happy to be back on that damn island again.

So Hakaze has decided to travel back in time, again, to find out who really killed Aika.  Fortunately the pacing of the show has picked up again, so I’m glad I stuck around.  There are spoilers galore if I discuss too much about what happens this week, so feel free to check out this week’s episode if you’re still watching this.