Atelier-a-thon! Mana Khemia 2! Spoony Bard Edition!

A nice little video treat for everyone who is still hanging around the site and love all things Varms, Stark and I do a weekly stream on Saturday.  The good news is that almost all of them have been archived.  The better news is that most of them are now finding their way over to YouTube.  If any of you want download version of this stuff, let me know and it will probably be on the site later that afternoon.  I am attempting to do a marathon type run of most of the Atelier games I haven’t beaten.  This is part 2, with Stark.

Atelier Meruru Delayed One Week

The newest Atelier game, which was supposed to hit American shores on the 22nd, is now due to be shipped on the 29th.  In the press release it is interesting to see the phrasing, “shipped to retailers” because that pretty much means that it will be in stores on the 30th of this month.  Most of the people who read the site probably aren’t too phased by this, but this is just another week for me to try and find the cash to buy the game, because those games are just crazy amazing good.

Meruru is the third of a trilogy of games set in the kingdom of Arland.  The series follows a series of teacher/pupil relationships, as the alchemy student from the previous game is the teacher of the new student for the next game in the series.  Interestingly enough the Atelier titles proper seem to go through phases of either being directly tied to another game in the series or having almost nothing to do with them, and are closely related to other games from the same publisher that even those could almost oddly be considered to be in the series.  I am sure that this is probably only interesting to like two other people out there, both of which designed these games.

Spoony Bard Episode 20: Save the Anime

After the problems with last weeks ‘cast Stark and I felt bad enough to get together and do one in person, and a little over an hour and a half.  This weeks game is the PS1 classic Ape Escape, a game that I knew nothing about and Stark knew only slightly more.  We complain a lot about how we wish that we had played this game when it first came out, and how the controls on it are super dated.  As we normally do we start talking about other things, including the challenge game for this week (Azure Dreams– which you can find article on on this very site!) as well as Hyper Dimension Neptunia.  We also bring up the subject of a test video cast of us playing a game, much like the old Broken Pixels podcast that 1up used to do or even a quick look that Giant Bomb currently does.  It turns out that recording video and audio after almost three hours of drinking isn’t advisable.  The important thing is that we all learned a lesson about making sure that video is being captured at more then 1 frame a second.