Mythical Corpse Confuses Experts

And here we see my High School girlfriend

An English man was walking his dog last week and was pleasantly surprised when he found what looked like the remains of a child’s confused nightmare lying dead on the beach.  The corpse, possibly some kind of odd cryptoid freshly escaped from hell, managed to freak out both the man and his dog.  Instead of doing the smart thing and moving the body to a better place where the world could study it Mr Bailey seems to have only taken a picture and continued on with his day.

Most people would probably jump to conclusions that this is clear proof that there are all kinds of odd animals out there still ready to kill without having the decency to be properly identified, although it seems that most of the experts in the world are leaning more on this just being either a dead dog or badger.  Not that I am really someone that is anywhere near an expert on point at something in a picture and identifying it, I have famously misidentified myself in photos, I would have to cite the fact that there is no proof aside from the strangely angled photo to prove that any of this happened.  Based on that calling hoax.

Source: Western Telegraph

Mars Mission Discovers Life, 40 Years Ago

One of the first probes that was ever sent to Mars was equipped with a cornucopia of cutting edge science based things.  There were several instruments on the device designed to detect if there was life on the probably dead planet. It came as a surprise to most people when the first process came back with the result of, “yeah, this is totally life” and was quickly debunked when the rest of the tests managed to show nothing like that.  Throughout the years people have just forgotten about this event; that is until recently.

Enter the University of Southern California and their determination that this needed to be studied further.  Before it had been simply written off as an anomaly of testing and that the soil of Mars didn’t really contain any life at all, so a neurobiologist decided to run the same series of events on life found on Earth.  Not only did several of the life forms tested show the same exact results (including one less than microbe sized lab rat), but in the same way that everything unfolded on the surface of Mars.  While not the awesome evidence proving that life will exist if given even a small chance, it still pretty much shows that there probably is life on Mars—sadly just not in the way that people will let you win an argument with.

Source: Popular Science: Australia

NASA Denies Video Evidence of UFO

A satellite watching the Sun has recently picked up a rather large object that appears to have a tendril reaching into our Star’s center and extracting plasma.  The first, and clearly natural, reaction of everyone on YouTube is that this is an UFO that is only doing a quick stop over before probably leaving the solar system forever—think the USS enterprise ignoring the undeveloped people to just grab some goods and go. Pretty much every scientist familiar with the Sun who has even looked at this for a moment has come to the same exact conclusion, that is a prominence and it is not only entirely not exciting it is kind of normal.  Oddly the only real news that might come out of this is that it is the first time that anyone on YouTube has noticed one of these things.

My favorite thread of logic from all of this is that this is the birth of a new planet, because, you know, that is how they are made – randomly and pretty much in the blink of an eye while the government tries to cover them up.  If we are making random suggestions why don’t we go all old school and suggest that this is from counter Earth and it is the weird bug creatures that rule over that planet like gods gathering energy to make sure that the people of their planet remain suppressed and depressed for the rest of forever/to fight their other worldly rivals of alien things (bonus points if you got the Gor reference).

Source: Huffington Post

Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 19


Above is the image that I sent Stark right before the podcast kind of cuts out and we end it.  This is the article (link) that we where talking about with other life.  We talk a ton about Groundhog Day and the movie, and how super awesome the theories that have started to pop up around the movie are, you know now that the movie is almost 20 years old.

Some of the things that you might have missed are as follows:

-We are doing a weekly bad game challenge where we play a bad game for one hour a day and keep a log about it.  The articles will go up on two different days, one for each of us.  Interesting idea just to see how different our views on crazy things are.

-Next week we are doing Ape Escape for the PS1.  Feel free to leave some feedback if you want to let us know what you think.  You can always email either one of us.

-We had super weird issues this week with the recording software.  If we sound kind of short with each other it is because this is the second time we recorded, and the first time we talked for almost three hours before we started recording and had well over an hour recorded when the device decided not to let it work.