Spoony Bard Friday Thing! DOA 5 Ultimate: Arcade for Costumes! Anime Talk Too I guess!

Sorry, I didn't hear you over cleavage. I and Stark proceed to get ever increasingly drunk. We talk about everything from the math of making war with cute girls to GMO crops. Don’t ask for reasons, because I am pretty sure even we didn’t have any. There is some weird video issues in the middle, but if we are going to be 100% honest it interesting enough at that moment just to hear Stark make constant and never ending fun of me and my failings as a streamer to sit through.  Did I mention that this goes on for like 5 and a half hours?  Also we get a bunch of people in the chat that start having full and lasting conversations with us.  I know it might sound weird and scary, but it is true. Watch live video from varms on TwitchTV

This Week in Stream: 5/11/13

Because you clearly aren't racist if it isn't at three people at once

On the Varms side of things:

The worst thing we have ever done.  Gillman and Stark drinking and let things just go.  There is just so much wrong over t he course of five hours it is hard to talk about.  Just…. You should watch this.  It is that amazing… At the very least towards the drunken end.

Watch live video from varms on TwitchTV

Could. Have. Played. It. For. Days.

On the Mygamer side of things:

Gillman and Zack are at it again, this week playing Game Dev Tycoon.  Join us as we experience all the highs and lows that come from being an up and coming dev in this, the gaming, industry.  Watch as we make one poor choice after another, name games the worst things we can, and make as many penis jokes as one could fit into such a small area.

Watch live video from varms on TwitchTV

Spoony Bard Podcast: Special Episode: Live from a Studio Apartment

Stark and I make an attempt at a podcast because we haven’t entertained our fans in what seems like a very long time.  This basically involves us not talking about anything even resembling retro, but instead talking about less important things than we normally do.  For some reason we talk for awhile about anime, and that manages to get into this massive side story about how I have been watching and playing a ton of Digimon games in the last couple of weeks.  I also talk about Record of Argrest War 2 very briefly, among other things.  Don’t worry, we should be figuring out this entire pod schedule thing soon enough.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 27: Anyone Want to Do the Title?

Episode 27 of the Spoony Bard Podcast, the classiest podcast on the net.  Roughly five minutes into the pod we lose stark for a couple of minutes and try to cover long enough for him to come back, which doesn’t really work.  We ended up losing about five minutes of the pod because of random computer issues, which is par for a pod at this point, but at the end we come back with Stark– so we all win.  All aside it sounds way better than the last one.  Besides the talk of R-Type, which is limited to only me remembering it fondly and everyone else complaining about it, we go in all kinds of random directions.  Mortal Kombat takes up most of the converstaion, but we bring up Pizza, beer, and Dr. Who, so there is that I guess.  Also PSN is still down so we kind of needed to complain about that too.


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Spoony Bard Podcast: We Got Fan Mail

We start talking about the Mega Man movie, and for the most part the fan letter that we got guides us through the entire process.  For some reason we start talking about the human centipede and continue doing so for some time.  Talking about Zelda: Link to the Past for next time