Anime Without an Ending: The Great Disappointment

Since I started watching anime there has always been a couple that would worm their way into my collection, my heart, and plague my mind by deciding that the best way to keep me actively interested was to not ever really end the show.  Here is a list of the most annoying.

Burn Up Warrior:

Hot girls with guns: Awesome.  People attacking a major police station and killing random, random people for not a ton of reason: awesomer. Probably one of the first times in memory that a show went out of its way to introduce a character, make them likeable and well rounded, and then brutally kill them.

The problem is that the aforementioned randomness is pretty much where the show ends.  The good guys get the police station back, even though they are pretty much the only four people there manage to live through the attack, and then nothing.  The internet is even strangely devoid of reasons why this happened, a first for a place that has no shortage of conspiracy theories on anything you can think of.  No really, think of something then add conspiracy after the title, you will get a result for it.

Several years later a sort of remake appeared, although the only thing that managed to make it from the first one is most of the main characters.  Even this title kind of abruptly ends, and the conclusion that it throws out about black diamonds and loved ones going rouge, kind of only ever half explained.  The credits even seem to lead directly into a second season that never happened.

Fruits Basket:

Not blaming anyone who might have missed this, it is a randomly high school drama.  Oddly this one isn’t about every woman in a given school trying to be with one guy on account of his magic phallic or something, but instead people who turn into animals when they are hugged.  Something else to add to the head scratching list is the fact that there was very few real Mix that with the fact that there isn’t really a ton of issues that appear besides who the next main character/anime person is going to be.

When real drama is introduced, the guy who turns into a cat is really some crazy kind of demon like thing and the rest of the characters in the show being surprised that the only normal person in the show runs in fear/self preservation, the show simply ends.  For a show that seemed to have a plot about finding something to do with itself it was just a little bizarre that it suddenly stopped.

Seeing as how the entire hinting the show did of “undoing the curse” suddenly became clear of just what curse they were talking about.  Too bad, guess you can just sit around and write even more fan fiction about hot man/dog on man/cat action.  Us anime fans really are the weirdest group of people ever.

Black Blood Brothers:

Oh Black Blood Brothers, you where so good until a boat exploded and you came pretty close to ending in the middle of a sentence.

Basically the story set up and started to explain a massive issue with vampires and the seemingly virus-like clan that had started to spring up.  After all of the fighting coming to a head, the heroes defending the new city that they had started to call home, and a solid explanation on why it was being attack the show just stops.

Unlike most of the other series mentioned here the show managed to come to a nice resting place, almost like a midseason break, only one that leads a couple of years and it is anyone’s guess if the rest of it will ever be finished.


Pretty much the entire concept of this list was made from this one show.

After an entire season of episodes and increasingly higher and higher tension the main character/vampire-thing fought the bad villain/vampire-thing in a giant erupting volcano that was about a step away from an episode of Dragon Ball Z.  When the last episode started it looked like it the good guys were about to be massively killed in many interesting ways, because even if they beat one vampire-thing they were going to have to face a stronger one moments later, also everyone with any amount of chance of winning was all but dead.

This battle that the two fighting literally walk away from has been brewing for over twenty years, something that drove the characters behind every action they have made.  No truce or anything reasonable like that, just that they are done for that moment and the villains literally fly away into the sunrise.

No resolution, no explanation on why that happened after a massive battle, nothing at all.  This follows Black Blood Brothers in the category of “hopefully this will finish at some point but probably not”.

Honorable Mention

Soul Eater:

I love Soul Eater.  It is probably one of the best anime that has come out in the last decade.  It also managed to do the one thing that most other series in this genre have never managed, start and finish one entire plot without every 13 episodes of it feeling like they were broken apart for easy breaks.  Full Metal Alchemist managed this a little, but even around episode 26 it felt like there was a soft break.

Soul Eater makes it onto the list because as it is starting to resolve every single issue that has popped up from the start of the show it starts bringing up new, almost stranger, ones.  Although none of these are addressed at all as the show simply ends when the main arch is finished.

Although most of the things on this list have some form of resolution in manga format, most of them will probably never see that in anime form.  As petty as it sounds there are fans of the genre that simply will never cross over to manga to find out what happens, which means that even in the case of Soul Eater, which is still running and there is some talk of more anime, it will still probably never happen.