Diamonds are a Quantum Computer’s Best Friend

Quantum computers are the theoretical devices of our future.  So small that they make atoms feel fat, and in theory powerful enough one the size of a credit card would be powerful enough to decide everything that will happen ever.  The problem has been, up until now, that they are pretty hard to keep stable, only being able to function for nano-seconds at a time and with the simplest problems; that might be changing.  It turns out that diamonds seem to be proving to be a more stable and reliable way to design these computers.  The best part is that the lower the quality of the diamond the better that it appears that the computer will work, so they might not even be that expensive in the long run.

The down side to this, of course, is that the computer does not appear to be working perfectly—it was only able to produce a 95% accuracy rating when used which is beyond too low for even a basic prototype design.  While this is only really succeeds in proof of concept for the team that created it, it is still the first time that anyone has done anything like this.  With the leaps forward that man-made diamonds are making, experts are unable to tell the differences between natural and ones made in a lab, it probably won’t be long before we are able to design something exactly as needed for these machines to makes us all cyborgs.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

Science Discovers Method to See Around Corners

Researchers at MIT recently developed a method to see objects around corners.  This method uses lasers, a camera, and a computer to detect and analyze how light is reflected from walls to “see” an object around them.  The images delivered by the system are low resolution, and inferior to what the human eye can pick up in a direct line of sight.

The researchers behind this simply claim it’s applications are for anything that requires seeing something outside of the normal line of sight.  Unfortunately, there is probably someone high up in the military already drooling over this thing.  Even worse, what happens if they decide to attach this thing to the robots being built by military research grants?


Radio Show Promo

Those of you who listen to the pod weekly have been introduced to Chuck. Turns out that the two of us might be getting a normal radio show on all things tech and tech support. I thought that those of you who check out the website on a regular basis might be interested in what I am working on currently, as well as why there wasn’t an article from me last week, and I thought that I would give you our demo for the radio.

Also, I would really love input on this, so feel free to leave a comment.

Spoony Bard Podcast: Shotgun

The 18th episode of the Spoony Bard Podcast finds Stark and I joined by a special guest, Chuck.  He might not always have the most to say at any given time, but he does find enough time to laugh at us and think less of the work we do.  This time we talk about Devil May Cry, why you don’t mess around with fire or fight it with your hands, and Hyper Dimension Neptunia.  Also that we found Stark’s house on Google maps.  Did you really expect us to stay on topic?