The Robot Uprising No Longer Needs to Aim

Thanks DARPA, every now and then I think that I might be able to go to sleep at night without dreaming about BigDog busting through the walls of my house and jumping on me until I am a fine enough paste to be its biofuel.  Now I also get to enjoy the knowledge that whatever insane rounds it might be packing it no longer needs to aim at me, as the bullet itself will manage to find the target.  I am assuming that it still needs to fire in the same general direction as me, but considering that it doesn’t have the disadvantage of not being a machine built for only killing me it probably already has that issue sorted.

Real talk time; do I need to stop worrying about the robot revolution and start worrying about a bullet revolt?  If I go hunting am I going to have to worry if I insulted my ammunitions family before I attempt to slay Bambi’s mother?  Maybe I have been thinking about this wrong the entire time, and the enemy I should have been worrying about isn’t the thing that is replacing man, but man making the weapons smart enough to kill without us.  A bullet that can aim itself is just a step aware from firing, and that happens all the time, according to random police reports.

Source: DARPA’s own YouTube

New Robot Sets Speed Record

A Boston company recently completed a prototype robot called “Cheetah” that can reach speeds of 18MPH.  This new robot breaks the previous record set by MIT in 1989, at only 13.1MPH.  This prototype was built by Boston Dynamics, with funding from DARPA’s “Maximum Mobility and  Manipulation” program.

The Cheetah is the latest in a series of robot prototypes from Boston Dynamics, Including “Big Dog” and “Petman”.  These machines are built for potential military purposes and research, ranging from search and rescue to equipment hauling.  Boston Dynamics is hoping to have a version of Cheetah that can operate outdoors later this year.