Thanks to Social Media Stalking has Never Been Easier

Thank you I-Free, before I used to never be able to know exactly where people might be around me, you have officially allowed me to follow complete strangers without any effort at all.  The new app, “The Girls Around Me,” takes all of the check-ins in the local area around the user, dumps the men from that list, and then shows everyone who has recently notified the world where they are.  So if you are ever wandering around and wondering if there are some women out there that are just probably unattended, there is an app for that.

Short story:  I, like everyone who recently bought an iPhone, at one point used FourSquare all the time.  I would check in at every single place that I went, like it just needed me to be the mayor for some reason.  At one point I went to dinner with my wife and her family, and noticed that the mayor was the waitress that we had.  Being aware that it would be creepy to say anything to her, I did not.  My wife, on the other hand, spoke up at once and told her that we knew she was the mayor.  I have never seen anyone look more creeped out.  Our drinks were never refilled.

My point is this, what did you think was going to happen when you made the world aware of every single place that you went?  If you don’t want every single person in the world to know, stop telling them.


Science Plans to Make Facebook App to Warn You about STD’s

Scientists at the University of North Carolina have been studying the links between social interaction and the spread of STD’s.  They have found one of the best ways to track this information is through social networks, such as Facebook.  They think that the connections between people on these networks and data on the spread of STD’s may one day allow them to make an app that could warn a user if they are at risk from an STD from someone on their friend’s list.

My question is this; who on earth would want a Facebook app that not only crawls into the deep, dark corners of one’s private medical records but then goes and posts the embarrassing details to everyone on Facebook?  Would we really start to see posts on Facebook that go something like this: “LOL, I GUESS I GOT HERPES, ISN’T THAT FUNNEH!!! LOL XD XD XD!!!!!!!” (with 23 “likes”).  And we thought all those spammy posts from Farmville were annoying…


Republicans Vote Down Law to Stop Employers From Demanding Facebook Passwords

Republicans once again have proven they love businesses and hate the people that work for them.  It has recently come to light that some employers are now demanding applicants and employees to turn over the login credentials for personal Facebook accounts.  This is such a gross invasion of privacy it has cased Facebook to list asking for login credentials a violation of its terms of service.  Some members of the House of Representatives attempted to add a provision to a bill that allows the FCC to prevent employers from doing such a thing.

Unfortunately, most house republicans don’t agree that this is a bad thing, and probably don’t know what this “Facebook” thing is the kids keep talking about.  The amendment was defeated in a vote of 236 to 184.  The good news is this subject can still return as another piece of legislation, but until then, is prepared to let your boss use your Facebook account to ruin your life.


Developer Claims Game Consoles Are Dying

A mobile and tablet game developer, Ngmoco (yes, the company name is that stupid), put on a presentation at GDC that claims console games are dying out.  They spewed out statistics and numbers that give the impression that gaming giants like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will eventually be surpassed by Apple, Google, and Facebook.  That’s right; a company that didn’t even make the effort to come up with a decent name thinks folks will toss out their beloved game consoles to settle for Angry Birds and Farmville.

Most people can agree that smartphones and tablet PC’s have become very powerful little computers, and that they have some fun games available on them.  However, making the claim that gaming apps with limited controls and unfocused appeal can shake down a multi-billion dollar industry with a massive fan-base is a rather bold statement.  Ngmoco thinks that since mobile games have taken over the market for casual gamers, children, and handheld gamers that the hardcore gamers will soon follow.  This prediction fails to factor in that children and casuals are by no means “real” gamers.  Better luck with next year’s sales pitch, Ngmoco.