Google Make Internet Eyewear

Oh Google, you give me everything that I always wanted:  a functional search engine that almost always gives me the results that I am looking for, a phone that you have to pay George Lucas to reference, and now a pair of glasses that I can surf the net with by talking to.  This morning Google unveiled that it has been working on a pair of glasses that will allow users to get directions, weather updates, and probably several other things simply by talking to it. Not only does this mean that I can read the newest Seanbaby article on Cracked while driving to work in the morning, I can also figure out how much my insurance is going to go up for driving off the road/kill a guy while doing so.

The truth is that this technology has been around since the mid-90’s, it has just been massive in size –normally requiring something the size of a large laptop in computer parts strapped to one’s back—and only ever really the toy of MIT graduate students trying to get a job at Microsoft.  Google is the first company to step forward and say that they are going to make a commercial grade device that anyone can use, which is great and I will pretty much buy the moment that they figure out how I can control the browsing with my eye movement.  I don’t need to let the people at work overhear me telling my glasses terrible things.

Source: Reuters

Google Hires Old TechTV Talent

If you are a fan of TechTV before it turned into the terrible G4TV, and was shortly dumped from all cable providers, you may remember Kevin Rose’s name from such shows as The Screen Savers, Attack of the Show, and –my favorite—Unscrewed. If you are a huge internet junkie, like me, you probably know him from digg or revision 3.  This marks the second time that Google has tried to acquire the young talent, as several years ago it tried to outright buy digg only to have the deal fall apart at the last minute.  In defense of the story Google ended up buying the entire team that he was working with, but it seems that they were probably more after him then everyone else.

It is hard to have anything outright against Mr. Rose, more that I have been always amazed at his talent to find investors in his projects.  At one point he was rumored to be worth more than a billion dollars, but considering what the new startup was recently sold for—reports are as high as 30 million dollars—I highly doubt that is any longer true.  It is kind of interesting that most of the talent from TechTV has gone from doing their own start-up internet based things to firmer, more real jobs, most of which in the last year—Rose is just the most recent example.

Source: All Things D

Developer Claims Game Consoles Are Dying

A mobile and tablet game developer, Ngmoco (yes, the company name is that stupid), put on a presentation at GDC that claims console games are dying out.  They spewed out statistics and numbers that give the impression that gaming giants like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will eventually be surpassed by Apple, Google, and Facebook.  That’s right; a company that didn’t even make the effort to come up with a decent name thinks folks will toss out their beloved game consoles to settle for Angry Birds and Farmville.

Most people can agree that smartphones and tablet PC’s have become very powerful little computers, and that they have some fun games available on them.  However, making the claim that gaming apps with limited controls and unfocused appeal can shake down a multi-billion dollar industry with a massive fan-base is a rather bold statement.  Ngmoco thinks that since mobile games have taken over the market for casual gamers, children, and handheld gamers that the hardcore gamers will soon follow.  This prediction fails to factor in that children and casuals are by no means “real” gamers.  Better luck with next year’s sales pitch, Ngmoco.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Shotgun

The 18th episode of the Spoony Bard Podcast finds Stark and I joined by a special guest, Chuck.  He might not always have the most to say at any given time, but he does find enough time to laugh at us and think less of the work we do.  This time we talk about Devil May Cry, why you don’t mess around with fire or fight it with your hands, and Hyper Dimension Neptunia.  Also that we found Stark’s house on Google maps.  Did you really expect us to stay on topic?