Lion Attack Man, Bear Defends Him

Stop me if you heard this before:

A man was walking through the woods and saw a bear with its cubs.  Knowing it would probably be a good idea not to get too close he kept his distance while observing them.  Without warning he was suddenly attack by a mountain lion that wanted nothing more than a hiker for dinner.  Without missing a beat the bear jumped in and fought the lion away to save the man.  My guess is that it probably helped him up, wiped the dirt off of him, and then gave him the thumbs up as he walked away.

Naturally the local wild life management officials think that the man is lying, probably because his story is just too awesome for them to put in a government report.  They claim that there are not only no reported mountain lion attacks in that area, but there are no mountain lions even known in almost the entire state.  My real concern out of all of this is that the local officials are holding back on finding the bear that defended the man and give it a medal.  If I was to stop some thugs or death animals from killing a child I would expect a reward of some kind, this bear is getting nothing but ignored.

Source:  USA Today

Two US Congressmen Want Warning Labels On Video Games

Let’s face it, America is riddled with major problems right now.  The economy sucks so hard that people fight over jobs at Walmart, financial institutions are rife with corruption and shady backdoor deals, climate change and a major energy crisis are looming above all of our heads… this list could go on forever, yet congress wants to go back to it’s old hobby of demonizing video games.  Congressmen Joe Baca (D-CA), and Frank Wolf (R-VA) have proposed the “Violence In Video Games Labeling Act”.

This bill would require all video games with a rating above “EC for early childhood” to have a silly, cigarette pack type warning that reads: “WARNING: Exposure to violent video games has been linked to aggressive behavior.”  This warning is tied to a study from the American Psychological Association back in 2000, claiming video games make kids more violent.  The problem is, the APA realized that this study found that the only kids that became violent from games were mentally ill in the first place, so they later retracted statements based on this study.  Unfortunately, some members of congress hate paying attention to details like that, and still want to waste the time and money of American taxpayers over nothing.  Please America, stop voting for idiots.  Seriously, that is going to ruin us all.