Roaches in Chocolate Bars May Explain Chocolate Allergies

Did you know that a chocolate bar has, on average, about 8 insect parts in it?  That’s right; it seems that the FDA actually allows a certain amount of insect parts to be present in food.  It turns out that cockroaches just can’t resist munching on coca beans and that they will inevitably become mixed up into chocolate products.

This happens so commonly that many doctors are beginning to believe that people that are allergic to chocolate are actually allergic to the cockroach parts that wind up in the mix.  This problem happens with lots of different foods, including wheat, peanut butter, fruits, popcorn, and even some cheeses.  An insect finding their way into food is pretty much inevitable, and the only way to stop it would be with the use of even more pesticides.  Fortunately food manufacturers and the FDA have decided that a few bug parts here and there in our diets are safer than tons of toxic chemicals.


Science Plans to Make Facebook App to Warn You about STD’s

Scientists at the University of North Carolina have been studying the links between social interaction and the spread of STD’s.  They have found one of the best ways to track this information is through social networks, such as Facebook.  They think that the connections between people on these networks and data on the spread of STD’s may one day allow them to make an app that could warn a user if they are at risk from an STD from someone on their friend’s list.

My question is this; who on earth would want a Facebook app that not only crawls into the deep, dark corners of one’s private medical records but then goes and posts the embarrassing details to everyone on Facebook?  Would we really start to see posts on Facebook that go something like this: “LOL, I GUESS I GOT HERPES, ISN’T THAT FUNNEH!!! LOL XD XD XD!!!!!!!” (with 23 “likes”).  And we thought all those spammy posts from Farmville were annoying…