Japanese “Cyber-Attack” Detection Software Influenced By Anime

The NCIT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) of Japan has recently unveiled a new system designed to perform surveillance on a part of the internet known as the “darknet”. The darknet is basically the internet’s shady underground – a place where the bad guys of cyber space commit nefarious deeds, such as distributing viruses. NCIT’s new surveillance system, DAEDALUS (Direct Alert Environment for Darknet and Livenet Unified Security), watches over this part of the internet while paying homage to a popular anime series.

The graphical interface of DAEDALUS looks like something right out of Ghost in the Shell, a series of Manga, films, and TV shows about fighting the high-tech crimes of the future. It seems this is more than mere coincidence, since it has been stated that the creator of this system was influenced by the films. Watch the video to see DAEDALUS in action.

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Source:  Asiajin.com

Criminals Can Steal Your Credit Card Numbers from Your Old Xbox

Have you ever sold your old Xbox 360 console, or even just the hard drive?  If so, you should keep a close eye on your bills and credit reports, because it turns out hackers can snag the credit card numbers you used to buy those cute little avatar outfits.  Researchers at Drexel University have found that even after a factory reset, your personal information remains on the drive, waiting to be taken by hackers using common tools.

The sad fact is Microsoft is very good at protecting important data, that is, as long as they own it.  It would seem this generation of home video game consoles just can’t resist “leaving the keys in the lock” on your personal data, as demonstrated by last year’s hack of Sony’s PSN.  The worst part is, if you want to sell or give away your Xbox hard drive, you have to rig it to a computer, then use a utility designed to wipe the data from hard drives in order to destroy your personal information on the drive.  On the bright side, however, Xbox fanboys have officially lost bragging rights about security after the PSN scandal.

Source: Kotaku.com

Sony Bolstering It’s Defenses Against “Hacktivist” Groups

After being hammered by over 20 hacking attacks from hacktivist groups Lulzsec and Anonymous in 2011, Sony is beefing up security like never before.  The leader of Sony’s new security department is Brett Wahlin, former employee of McAfee with years of experience as a counter intelligence officer in the US military.  Wahlin’s security strategy is focused on defending against newer “socially-motivated” hackers.

Wahlin is hoping to look at the overall pattern of how many of these online attacks begin in order to react to breaches in security faster and prevent them from happening, along with working to monitor PlayStation Network for suspicious transactions that can pose a threat.  Another part of this strategy is educating staff to promote better security practices in the workplace.  Much of Sony’s overall security goals are to automate the detection of abnormal activities on the network so security staff can devote more time to stopping attacks as they are discovered.

Source:  scmagazine.com

New wave of Hackers Don’t Mess Around

Don’t mess with hackers.  That is just a general practice on the internet.  You leave them alone and let them do their own thing.  One unknown group, though, has decided to take things to an entirely new level—they have come up with their own programming language for their Trojan.  If you aren’t aware, this is basically like finding a foreigner with a gun in your living room, you can see what he is doing, but you have no idea on his motives or really the best way to go about stopping him from pretty much doing whatever.

Honestly this sounds exactly like something out of the most recently concluded awesome anime, Steins Gate.  While it is probably not a time traveling ninja warrior-hot anime girl doing all of this to bring peace to the world, it does sound like something that people would come up with in some random sci-fi adventure.  Every now and then you hear something about people just going out of their way to ruin someone’s day, but I really do have to say to whoever managed to do this; way to up the game.  Honestly though, everything after this is just going to be something that is really well coded in a language we know, these people just wanted to make it hard to un-ruin your day.

Source: The Register