Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 78: Teabagging is not a Crime


The long overdue podcast featuring your two favorite giant nerds has finally returned.  This go we talk about all of our experiences and fun centered in Halo.  I was a little surprised that we haven’t done one of these before, but considering that the new Master Chief Collection just came out it seemed like a good idea.  The rest of the idea was to have this paired with a stream of us going for hours in the multiplayer and showing the world how terrible we really are, but it turns out that 343 Studios was more concerned with getting the game out than they were with it functioning so we were unable to do that.


BBC News Makes Accidental Halo Reference

During a BBC news broadcast about the United Nations involvement in the Syrian conflict, someone made a goof and put up the wrong logo.  Instead of the usual United Nations logo, the fictional UNSC (United Nations Space Command) logo from the Halo games was placed in the background.  The BBC later apologized for the mistake, and admitted that this sort of thing happens on occasion.

Sorry Halo fans, it looks like the Master Chief won’t be dual-wielding his way through the Syrian Crisis.  This story has me wondering if this was a legitimate mistake, or the work of a playful Halo fan among the staff at the BBC.  While this logo has been removed from all following news broadcasts, the denizens of the internet were kind enough to post a video on YouTube.

Source: EuroGamer

Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 30: Screw You Charter Communications

We are late with this newest addition to the ever growing family of dysfunctional pods that keep getting produced.  This week Stark has decided that it is entirely his job to inform people that we don’t fact check, but in all honesty I was kind of hoping that people already knew that from 30 seconds of us talking.  We start off really well this week, and instead of even making an attempt to talk about the game find a way to complain about people getting married or inviting us to parties.  We do discuss the topic, Katamari, with a great amount of love–even though we don’t give it the time needed– and find ways to talk about so much else.  E3, complaining about Family Guy (again), current games we are playing, and FPS’ are just small taste of the devotion that we show for staying on topic.