Dish Network may Remove AMC from Channel Lineup

There is bad news for fans of good TV that subscribe to Dish Network.  It seem a legal scuffle from back in 2008 between AMC and Dish Network has the satellite TV provider contemplating dropping AMC.  AMC filed a lawsuit against Dish Network for failing to fulfill and agreement to air AMC’s Voom HD channels.  Dish Network has put the idea of dropping AMC on June 30th in retaliation to the lawsuit.

Unless an agreement is made, Dish Subscribers could miss out on hit shows, such as Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Walking Dead.  Since almost anyone I talk to these days is watching at least one or more of these shows on a regular basis, I can already see some angry Dish customers switching over to a competitor.  AMC has a website,, where viewers can send an email to complain to Dish Network about the decision.


KFC Franchise Owner Fires Employees for Not Serving Rotten Chicken

A recent lawsuit filed in Oregon has brought some disturbing news to light regarding a local KFC franchise owner.  KFC has a policy of tossing out chicken that is older than 12 days past a “kill date” labeled on the box, but one Oregon franchise owner seems to think that rule is silly.  On multiple occasions, the franchise owner has fired managers for refusing to serve chicken past the expiration date.

On one occasion a manager was fired for throwing away chicken that was “turning green” after the owner ordered them to cook and serve the chicken.  Another manager resigned at one point, claiming that “he could not stand serving rotten chicken to families anymore.”  So much for “finger lickin’ good”…


Woman Claims Working for McDonald’s Drove Her to Prostitution

It’s fair to say that very few people out there would ever want to work for a place like McDonald’s.  It’s fast paced, hot, greasy, and gives nothing but surly customers and terrible wages.  It should be a job for kids in school looking to earn spending money, but in hard times, you got to take whatever job you can find.  One woman from California has a claim in federal court stating that working for the fast food chain had forced her to lead the life of a prostitute.

Shelly Lynn worked for McDonald’s in the early 80’s, and began dating her boss, whom she eventually married.  Her boss, Keith Handley, eventually convinced the superiors to fire her for insubordination, so he could convince Lynn to become a prostitute.  Lynn claims that McDonald’s is at fault because they did not have any way for an employee to file a grievance or contest her firing.  Lynn is suing Keith Handley, his company Ivernia, and McDonald’s USA for “lost wages, special damages, compensatory damages, and punitive damages for sex trafficking, negligent retention and supervision of franchisees, and racketeering.”