Call of Duty: MW3 Selling Less Copies than Black Ops

A sales analyst group has recently discovered that COD: MW3 has sold 4.2% fewer copies than its predecessor, COD: Black Ops, even though MW3 started off with more sales at launch.  These analysts believe this shows that the market is changing, and that casual players of these kinds of games are moving on to things such as movie streaming services for their consoles.  Gamers however, seem to have a different view in reaction to this report.

Many gamers seem to be expressing a dislike for this installment in the series, especially after the controversy surrounding the battle between publisher Activision and Developer Infinity Ward.  Personally, I think that people are just simply getting tired of a formula that is over 4 years old.  I have been a fan of the series since COD4, and I found myself putting down MW3 much sooner than the other titles in the series.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 41: The GoTY Awards

Stark and I take a break from talking about all of the retro games that fill our minds and took this time to talk about the best games that have come out this year.  We hand out some awards, talk about our biggest disappointments, and even try to make sure that some people get thoroughly angry at some of the choices that we have.  After all of that we decide that the best thing to do would be to steal a page from fellow retro gaming podcast, “Retronauts,” and talk about the Disney afternoon on the next pod.  No worries, we are even going to talk about the cartoons as well.













Skyrim: Game of the Year

Portal 2: Funniest Game of the Year, Best Shooter of the Year, Best Adventure Game of the Year

Mortal Kombat: Fighting Game of the Year

Duke Nukem: Bomb of the Year

Disgaea 4: Best JRPG of the Year

Gears of War 3: Best Multi-Player (Horde Mode)

Spoony Bard: Episode 40: Holy Shit! We’re Back!

Did you miss listening to us talk about old games that pretty much no one remembers as much as we missed talking about it?  While I am not going to wait for your answer to record and post the podcast we decided that the best thing to do would just be to go ahead and record another one.  This week we are talking about Lunar, and Lunar 2, along with some of the –mostly– forgotten others in the seires.  Along the way we discuss anime, Atlier Totori, Dark Souls, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, and some current news.  Let us know what you think in the comment section below, and feel free to follow us on twitter or like us on facebook.  We are shallow and need instant gratification like that.