MA Town to Hand out Fines for Swearing

The Massachusetts town of Middleborough voted for a law that puts a $20 fine on swearing in public. This law was passed because the town decided they were sick of profane language from “teens and other young people in the downtown area and public parks”. The ACLU of MA believes this is a violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

Sadly enough, this reminds me of the silly dystopian future of The Demolition Man film, where machines installed in the walls of homes and public places spit out tickets for swearing. Even if it is rude to swear in public, it seems really crazy to start stripping away the rights of others to avoid being offended. Sometimes I think some of the folks that cook up laws like this, and the supporters of such legislation, should ship off to the People’s Republic of China if they are such big fans of government-controlled speech.


Game Journalists Derail Card Game Kickstarter

Last week video game websites and put up articles that stirred controversy about a Kickstarter page to fund a card game called “Tentacle Bento.”  This card game was meant to be a goofy satire on common themes in Japanese hentai games, anime, and manga.  Unfortunately the writers of these articles lack a sense of humor, and painted the game in such a disturbing light that Kickstarter pulled the funding page.  Both and followed up with articles gloating about their victory over what they saw as a morally depraved card game.

While these journalists proudly take on the role of “morality police”, they have forgotten that in the past, “moral guardians,” such as Jack Thompson and Tipper Gore stirred controversy about video games in an attempt to ruin the entire game industry.  There is also irony in the fact that these game journalists are concerned about a card game featuring a perverted octopus that preys on drawings of girls, yet they don’t seem to have any problem with shooting people in the face in a video game.   Here’s the best part of this story:   The creators of the card came, Soda Pop Miniatures, have simply started taking pledges on their own website, and they are quickly reaching their funding goal thanks to all of the attention created by the controversy.

You can read the articles from and here, but get ready for a heavy dose of sensationalism, double standards, and smug opinions:

And you can also check out Soda Pop Miniatures’ “Tentacle Bento” funding page here (NSFW):

(Don’t worry, your friends at won’t judge you.)