Spoony Bard Streaming Fun Night Returns! Saints Row IV Post Game and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

That isn't a thing

Gillman and Stark are back at it again after a long break, playing through the late game content that is know to everyone out there as humorous insanity, but known to me as Saints Row IV. There is also some Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City or something in there too, among talk of pretty much anything else.  For those of you who loved this kind of thing when we did it, look forward, look back, and look all around, because it appears that the time of us doing this kind of thing on Friday nights is starting again, along with the weird and series mid-week Mygamer thing (for those of you who want to see how long I can go without screaming “Fuck” for no reason what so ever).  It is just over two hours, so enjoy!

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The Great Varms Giveaway Results!

Something exactly like this happened

So we ended up being a little delayed announcing the winner of the contest last week; mainly because of holidays, being sick, being hungover, and forgetting that we needed to inform people that someone had already won.  Sadly we only had one copy of the game to hand out to people, and through our entirely not scientific process we selected Mr. Evan Bulriss.  For those of you who didn’t win, keep a high spirit as we are giving away more games starting on Sunday.  Hopefully this time we will be able to tell the results when it first happens.

The Great Varms Game Giveaway

Burt Fucking Reynolds is in it!

So here at Varms we have decided to try something new for our loyal fans.  For the next 7 Days, ending on the 27th of next week, we are holding a contest to give away a free PC copy of Saints Row the Third.  All you have to do to enter is comment on this story down below!  It also works if you comment on the podcast, but since this isn’t that page, you only have to move over if you really, really want to.  So get rolling everyone, we have a free copy and you could very easily win it!

Saints Row: The Third Entering the Dominatrix

Not everyone in the world played Saints Row: The Third, and that is the main problem.  If you look online pretty much anyone that has touched the game loves pretty much everything about it—besides the DLC.  The problem is that THQ recently announced that they are releasing an entire expansion to that game, priced around 30 dollars, in which it gives the players super powers.  Sure, this sounds exactly like something that might happen in that universe where gangsters are popular enough to have their own energy drink and have movies/comic books based off of them—the problem is that all of the content that was released by the less than cheap season pass was kind of forgettable and almost not worth the price of admission.

Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty sure that anything besides the additional costumes that are constantly released for the game are pretty much a must buy for me, it is just that most people don’t feel the same level of fondness for this series that I do.  Not only where the last couple missions completely forgettable and short, they almost seemed like throwaway missions that might not have been good enough for the core game.  If THQ can bring the same level of humor that has always been present, even in the DLC, and make things that are worth experiencing than this is something that will hopefully move more units so we can one day see a Saint’s Row Four.

Source: Giant Bomb